Uncovering the Magic of Bodacious Copy: A Creative Catch-Up!

Hello, everyone,

Happy spring! I hope you had a lovely Easter.

It’s high time I let you know what I’ve been up to over the past year, and I hope you will email me and let me know how you’ve been and what you’re up to. 

I’m not going to lie; 2023 was a challenging year for me as I struggled with multiple autoimmune diseases and severe inflammation. However, I’m slowly getting the pain and stiffness under control with medication, a vegan diet, and exercise. And I’m still here, loving my work. I will try to be more proactive about telling you about it!

I still work as a social media manager and marketer for three recording artists who have been long-time clients of whom I’m incredibly proud: 


Although I have created dozens of websites using WordPress, Squarespace and Bandzoogle, this past year, I created websites for Young Adult fantasy author P.N. Holland, Pop/Jazz singer Michelle Berting Brett, and singer-songwriter, film and video producer and director ForgivenessG.

Michelle Berting Brett recently wrote this excellent recommendation on LinkedIn:

Christine Bode of Bodacious Copy is an absolute dynamo with so many skills and knowledge. She has been instrumental in our business, doing everything from social media management to website creation and proofreading/editing our online content. She is so easy to communicate with, and I trust her implicitly. Thank you, Christine—you truly are THE BEST.”



More than anything, I love being a copy editor and proofreader and helping writers realize their creative vision. I edited all nonfiction books except For The Love of Animals for Publish and Promote. The best thing about editing nonfiction is the knowledge and inspiration I gained about various subjects. Publish and Promote produces anthologies, memoirs, children’s books, poetry, and inspirational and motivational nonfiction. I was delighted to edit the following books in 2023: 

I’m very excited about this one because I love the story so much! Maya is an exceptionally gifted writer.

Maya Bairey gave me this incredibly generous recommendation:

“I was lucky enough to retain Christine to edit my novel. Working with her was a game-changer. Her quick replies meant I was never left hanging with questions or worries, making the whole process feel like we were in it together. Christine’s friendly vibe made every chat enjoyable, and it was clear she really cared about making my book the best it could be.

Her eye for detail made a huge difference in how my book came together, fine-tuning the little things without making me feel like my personal style was being trampled. This kind of personalized touch showed me she wasn’t going through the motions; she was fully on board with bringing my vision to life.

The value I got for what I paid was just the icing on the cake. Christine found a way to offer top-notch service without blowing my budget, which was a big deal for me.

In short, Christine isn’t just any editor; she’s like a co-pilot on your creative journey whose enthusiasm and skill really lift your project to new heights. Getting her on board was easily one of the best moves for my book, and I can’t recommend her enough to any writer looking to level up their work.”

So Far in 2024

So far this year, I have had the pleasure of editing A Lion’s Pride (The Drowned Kingdom Saga, Book 4) by P.L. Stuart and For the Love of Animals: Telepathic Stories as Told by the Animals by Lorraine Vanzuylen and Karen Warren.

I am a massive fan of The Drowned Kingdom Saga by P.L. Stuart. I connected with Paul on Twitter several years ago and was honoured when he asked me after I had read and reviewed his first and second books if I would like to edit Book 3 in his epic fantasy series, Lord and King. I was equally delighted to be his editor for Book 4, A Lion’s Pride, and I look forward to editing Book 5, A Pack of Wolves, later this year. I share more about A Lion’s Pride in my March 28, 2024 blog post, so be sure to check out My Bodacious Blogwhere I share writing and editing tips, book reviews, poetry and more!

Ninety-two-year-old Animal Communicator Lorraine Vanzuylen and her daughter Karen Warren share the Gift of nonfictional animal writings communicated by Spirit in For the Love of Animals: Telepathic Stories as Told by the Animals. Believe it or not, these stories from dogs, cats, horses, and a cow will leave you with thought-provoking challenges you have not considered before.

You will discover why they were created through their beautiful writings of love, devotion, and companionship. You will experience their challenges, betrayals, suffering, and heartbreaks, as well as their many lifetimes of sacrifice to achieve the fullness of their potential. Distinctive personalities emerge for the reader to enjoy, not one the same, at different times, in various lives, lived and living.

Lorraine and Karen found me on Reedsy, contacted me directly, and hired me because I’m local and an empath. They are seeking a publisher, and I cannot wait for their book to be published! There’s nothing like it on the market. Please contact me if you would like to be a beta reader for this book.

Currently, I am editing a nonfiction book, Crafting Poetry: Transforming Poems into Poetry Films, by Helen Dewbery. I will edit two anthologies for Publish and Promote this spring and summer and A Pack of Wolves by P.L. Stuart later this fall. 

In the meantime, I’m available for more projects. So, if you know anyone looking for a proficient and reasonably priced copy editor or proofreader, please think of Bodacious Copy and me. I offer new clients a 2,000-word edit for free, can provide manuscript reviews, and edit books, book proposals, blogs, website copy, press releases, essays, and more.

I’m looking forward to what comes next!

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