Let Bodacious Copy Transform Your Written Work 

Do you want to publish a document or book? If so, you need a copy editor. Copyediting is the most important component of the publishing process. Publishing your book without the benefit of a skilled copy editor’s eagle eye and expertise is like going to a gala ball, naked. 


Bodacious Copy’s primary focus is on copyediting books, fiction and non-fiction. I will ensure that your writing reads well, is fluid and as engaging as possible. My mission is to help you present your best-written work to the world, within your budget and deadline—and I can even assist with a Twitter marketing strategy to sell it. 


Bodacious Copy reviews and corrects:


  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Sentence structure
  • Punctuation
  • Word choice (diction)
  • Syntax
  • Style
  • Consistency
  • Formatting


I edit in Microsoft WORD using track changes. My dictionary of choice is Merriam-Webster.

“To be a really good editor, you have to be a really good listener. I don’t only mean to the author. You have to listen to what you’re reading.” 

Ellen Seligman, Publisher, McClelland and Stewart, Vice President, Random House of Canada