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Are you a first-time writer or a self-published author? Do you dream of seeing your written work command attention in print? If so, you need a copy editor. 

I am a freelance copy editor and proofreader with over ten years of experience in independent publishing and over 15 years of copyediting experience. I help writers present their best-written work to the world by accessing the soul and spirit of their words and emphasizing them with uncommon magic while ensuring that their writing is grammatically correct, precise, and engaging without changing their voice. 

Copyediting is the most crucial component of the publishing process, but proofreading is a different task. Knowing the difference will save you money. Therefore, let’s discuss whether you require line editing, content or stylistic editing, copyediting or proofreading services. 

Want to know how your writing can be bodacious?

Work with someone as enthusiastic about your words as you are.


Over fifteen years of experience in copyediting and line editing of every type of document you can conceive of has made me a proficient copy editor.

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My keen eye for detail makes me an exceptional proofreader. I find mistakes in books published by the top publishing houses.

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Twitter Marketing

Fourteen years as a social media manager and marketer have made me an expert Twitter marketer. The crucial thing about Twitter is to use it to talk to people, develop new relationships, and have fun!

Discover how I can help you make the most of Twitter to market and sell your book here.

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