Rates & Services

I charge an hourly rate based on words converted to pages because it is more cost-effective for the author than a per-word count. All rates are in Canadian dollars. 

You can pay using Interac e-Transfer or Paypal. Log on to PayPal and use this email address: bodaciouscopy@gmail.com

Call me for a quote at +1-613-453-2419 or email me at the address above. 

I guarantee a speedy response to your inquiry, encouragement, empathy and swift completion of your project. And once your work is ready for publishing, I can advise you about a traditional marketing plan, and I can create a strategic Twitter marketing plan to help you spread the word and sell it!


The Chicago Manual of Style (17th Edition) is my style guide, Merriam-Webster is my dictionary, and I edit with Microsoft WORD's Track Changes.


(Double spacing / 7-10 pages per hour)  $35/hr.

This service includes correcting spelling, grammar, punctuation, capitalizations, abbreviations, verb agreement and typographical errors, removing redundancies and wordiness, pointing out continuity issues, and fact-checking. In addition, you will receive your document/manuscript with redlined, tracked changes and comments. 

Line Editing

(Double spacing / 4-7 pages per hour) $40/hr.

This service includes everything in my copyediting service and optimizes your prose by correcting sentence-level issues, including syntax, diction, style, clarity, and flow. Changes enhance your voice, changing it from passive to active when required. Editing can include Tables of Contents, References, Indexing, Footnotes, and Endnotes. This service involves collaboration between the author and the editor, and you will receive your document/manuscript with redlined, tracked changes and comments. 


(Double spacing / 7-10 pages per hour) $30/hr.

I will read and mark corrections in your proof that were missed by the copy editor, ensuring your work is impeccable before it is printed or published. 

I proofread: 

  • Manuscripts 
  • E-books 
  • Essays
  • White papers 
  • Legal documents 
  • Medical reports 
  • Architectural & Engineering specifications 
  • Websites 
  • Press releases 
  • Blogs
  • Cover or query letters 
  • Curricula Vitae 
  • Album liner notes 



I was a book reviewer for HarperCollins Canada and Simon and Schuster Canada for several years. I review literary fiction, science-fiction/fantasy, historical fiction, romance, poetry, memoirs and biographies in English. If your book has not been professionally copyedited, please do not request me as your reviewer. You send me your published Kindle ePub book, and I will provide:

  • Up to a 1,000-word honest, professional review
  • Star rating
  • Editorial review copy for Amazon and Goodreads
  • Shared on My Bodacious Blog, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest to an audience of almost 19K followers.
  • Tweet 5x

If your page count falls just outside of the parameters of the packages listed below, send me an email, and we can discuss any price increase.

  • Basic Package - books up to 300 pages / 14-day delivery / $79.00
  • Standard Package - books from 300-500 pages / 21-day delivery / $139.00
  • Premium Package - books from 500-750 pages / 30-day delivery / $199.00


Twitter Marketing & Management 

Twitter Marketing Plan – $120 

I provide you with a strategic Twitter marketing plan to assist you with determining your target audience, how you can connect with that audience, develop relationships, join communities, grow your audience, suggest relevant hashtags to use, and market and sell your book.

Twitter Tutorials via Skype or Zoom – $60/hr. 

I can teach you how to use Twitter effectively to do everything I would do for you if I were your Twitter manager.

Minimum Package for Twitter Management – $200/mo. or 5 hours of my time* 

Twitter Management includes: 

  • Management of your Twitter account 
  • Consistently branding it with your other social media sites 
  • Recommend content 
  • Give you a Hashtag Holiday calendar relevant to your audience and interests 
  • Schedule your tweets (I will write some, but I will require content from you as well) 
  • Tweet and retweet live a few days a week 
  • Create private lists and list accounts held by those you may wish to connect with 
  • Notify you about important messages 
  • Work on growing your desired audience 
  • Provide you with monthly analytics

*Please note that this is just enough to keep you looking active on Twitter, and you write most of your tweets.


Bodacious Copy guarantees confidentiality, and no data collected is ever shared with anyone else without your consent.
Minimal data is required for invoicing.