Welcome to Bodacious Copy, the creative hub where your words are sculpted with precision and care. I’m Christine Bode, the heart and soul behind the scenes, dedicated to elevating your literary works with my meticulous copyediting and proofreading prowess. With a passion for polishing outstanding books and a knack for crafting compelling websites, I bring a touch of empathy and a wealth of experience to every project.

My journey with language began at the tender age of fourteen when my poetry first graced the pages of 16 Magazine and Scholastic’s Rock’s Biggest Ten. A lifelong devotee of literature, I’ve embraced over 1,000 books with the enthusiasm of a genuine bibliophile. My dedication to reading is matched only by my commitment to ensuring your manuscript captivates its audience.

With a diverse background spanning twenty-five years as an administrative assistant across various sectors, my proofreading and editing expertise is broad and deep. While I may not be affiliated with Editors Canada, my pursuit of excellence in editing is unwavering.

The accolades for my poetic work, including praise from Sir Bob Geldof and mentorship from broadcasting legend Patrick Watson, have been milestones in my literary adventure. My published poetry collections, Eden Refugee and Eden Redefined have touched hearts, including that of Grammy-winning filmmaker Tom DiCillo.

Beyond poetry, my pen has crafted reviews for esteemed publishers like Simon & Schuster Canada and HarperCollins Canada, and my insights can be found on My Bodacious Blog. Since 2008, I’ve honed my skills as a freelance copy editor, and since 2012, I’ve proudly served as the senior copy editor for Publish and Promote. I’ve been a catalyst for authors’ dreams, guiding them to publishing success.

My expertise extends to the digital realm, where, for fifteen years, I’ve managed social media for award-winning songsmiths and storytellers, sharpening my skills in captivating audiences. As a proud member of Mari Smith’s Superstars, I’ve mastered the art of engaging audiences through impactful written communication.

Your manuscript’s success is my mission. I pledge to polish every word until your vision is fully realized. If you’re in Kingston, Ontario, let’s connect and discuss how we can elevate your work to new heights. And, of course, Eloise, my charming Goldendoodle, would love to meet you, too!