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Recent Copyediting Projects

Painting Celia by Maya Bairey
Lord and King (The Drowned Kingdom Saga, Book Three) by Best-selling Fantasy Fiction author, P.L. Stuart

New Eyes: Awakened Poems by Dawn James
How to Embrace Beauty in Times of Suffering by Janis Hodgson
Corpse Finders by Marcia Cannon  

Most of the books above were produced by Publish and Promote, and I edited them all.  

It was so empowering to be a part of getting these stories out to the world! 

I also assist authors with manuscript reviews.

To be a really good editor, you have to be a really good listener. I don’t only mean to the author. You have to listen to what you’re reading.” - Ellen Seligman, Publisher, McClelland and Stewart, Vice President, Random House of Canada