Become a Part of a Timeless Book to Connect Generations - Share Your Wisdom for the Grandchildren



Become a Part of a Timeless Book to Connect Generations - Share Your Wisdom for the Grandchildren (Anthology Project)

Stories play an important part in all cultures from ancient times to the present day. There’s not one country on this planet where storytelling isn’t part of the culture. It’s just something that human beings do. As a matter of fact, Australia’s Aboriginal people have the oldest, longest history of mankind, an all-oral tradition that spans 30,000 years. 

Elders typically deliver their messages to the next generations orally, sharing their experiences, feelings and values. Oral stories fade over time, but written stories live forever, preserving historical values and culture. Finding a way to preserve this elder wisdom is essential, making it a beautiful gift for a younger person.

Times change, but our memories help us imagine how life was: trials, triumphs and life lessons. Memories teach us about perseverance, loyalty, commitment, and resilience. 

What do you want our grandchildren to know? What life lessons will you share with future generations that could enhance their lives? How do you want to be remembered? 

Writing your story is an opportunity for you to share it and have it shared over and over again, keeping your memory alive. Share your wisdom, cherished morals and nuggets of truth that have gotten you where you are with the intention of giving the younger generation something that will carry them through and better their lives in For the Grandchildren, the working title of an anthology of elder wisdom written by you and produced by Publish and Promote

Become a part of a timeless book to connect generations.

This book will appeal to:

  • Grandchildren whose grandparents have transitioned
  • Grandparents who want to share these stories with their grandchildren
  • Parents who acknowledge the importance of grandparents in their children’s lives

Writers are invited to share life lessons, elder wisdom, trials and triumphs, and messages for the betterment of future generations.

Word Count up to 2,500 words.

Writers will receive:

  • Several writing prompts and core values
  • Stories will be professionally edited
  • Page formatted, cover design
  • Include your bio
  • All writers acknowledged in the press release

Key Dates:

  • Sign the Agreement by March 31
  • Submissions are due by May 31
  • Approve your edited chapter by July 20
  • The publishing date is September 8


Participation fee: US $500 (it can be paid in two installments). It includes 10 paperback copies plus editing, page formatting, cover design, distribution on Amazon, a professional press release sent to key media outlets, social media graphics, and a video trailer URL. This allows you to earn income by selling copies of the book.


Q1. Do I need to be a grandparent to take part?

A: No, not necessarily. Parents, Grandparents or Elders can take part. Also, if you have a close relationship with a grandparent and would like to pass on their wisdom in this book, you are welcome to join us.

Q2. Will you provide writing prompts to assist us with completing our chapter?

A: Yes, you will receive a writing package containing both writing prompts for various life stages, a list of core values, as well as writing guidelines to make your story connect to the reader.

Q3. What happens after the book is published if we need more copies?

A: Every contributing writer will receive 10 paperback copies of the book, which they can sell. If you need additional copies, simply email Dawn James at authorservices (at) the quantity you need + your address. We will order author copies and ship them directly to the address provided. Your only cost is the print & ship cost. We encourage you to sell copies of the book directly, and what you sell you keep. Pay it forward to share this book with the next generation!

Q4. When do I need to say YES to participate?

A: The deadline to sign up is March 31.

>> The due date to receive your written chapter is May 31.

>> Publication date is September 8, 2024 (Grandparents’ Day)

If you want to participate in this exciting project, please contact Dawn James, Managing Director, Publish and Promote, by email at authorservices (at) 


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