Poetry: "Don't Forget to Tell the Aliens" by Christine Bode


Don’t Forget to Tell the Aliens

A poem by ©Christine Bode 2022

One of the best things about being human
is our sense of taste.
Just try explaining to an alien
how blue cheese and sliced cherry tomatoes
with mayonnaise on black pumpernickel almost melts in your mouth,
each bite like a symphony of stinky, sweet, earthy, rich delectability.

Or try describing to that Grey,
the sensual flavour of smoked salmon and cream cheese
with chive on an all-dressed bagel
—a savoury taste sensation for the ages—
that could surely lure the Greys
from their flying saucers.

Tell them they wouldn’t want to miss out
on the creamy, moderately crunchy, slightly tart
but smooth dichotomy
of egg salad with Hellman’s and Dijon mustard,
chopped celery, dill pickles,
or green onions on a crusty bun.

And don’t forget to tell those aliens
how sensational a spicy siesta of chipotle chicken salad
with avocado, chopped tomatoes,
green olives, jalapenos, and spring greens
in a flour tortilla
will flamenco dance on the tongue.

Or about Brandt’s Liverwurst with Herbs
on a sourdough baguette, and
tuna salad mixed with diced pickles or onions,
seasoned with salt and pepper,
and a dash or two of Frank’s Buffalo Hot Sauce
with old cheddar—melted on toasted ancient grain bread.

For the sake of the Universe,
don’t forget to tell the aliens about
the succulent juiciness of a messy sloppy joe
made with taco-seasoned ground beef,
roasted bell peppers, mushrooms,
onions and cilantro on a cheese bun!

Because those big-headed, black-eyed,
skinny-armed, earless,
telepathic communicating,
abducting little Grey freaks
are never going to leave
when you conclude with…

Ooh! Last but not least,
the sublime satiety of a classic Black Forest ham
and Swiss cheese with Hellman’s and baby spinach
on Rudolph’s rye, which, together with a road map,
can save your day and get you
where you’re going.

There is nothing quite like the tiered design
and strategically placed ingredients in these perfect,
tasty, quick-to-make choices for any meal.
The diverse deliciousness of sandwiches and
a bag of Dill Pickle Kettle Chips should explain to those aliens
why being human makes us the happier, superior species.


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