Meet Gary Benoit, Author of A Call for Service: Overcoming Adversity through Resilience

First-Time Author Gary Benoit

In his new memoir, A Call for Service: Overcoming Adversity through Resilience, former Edmonton police officer Gary Benoit shared his strategies for overcoming PTSD and Occupational Stress Injuries. He authored the book to provide all active and retired frontline personnel and their families with the tools and guidance needed to reduce stress, strengthen relationships, build resiliency, and achieve work-life balance. It will also give readers a foundation to improve their physical, emotional, and mental health.

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Gary Benoit is also the co-founder of Benoit Wellness Consulting (BWC), an Edmonton-based social enterprise that launched the Front-Line Resiliency Project (FLRP) to support frontline families by improving their mental health and building resilience.

A CALL FOR SERVICE gives readers a unique view and subsequent insight into the lives of frontline workers.

Declining mental health is fast becoming one of the most debilitating concerns for society, and building and maintaining resilience is necessary for every human on the planet. Unfortunately, mental health concerns and PTSD or Occupational Stress Injuries continue to climb among frontline workers.

A Call for Service: Overcoming Adversity through Resilience provides actionable steps for developing resilience for those working the front line. It aims to assist readers with understanding that they are not alone in their struggles with mental health and that there is hope to heal. In addition, The Front-Line Resiliency Project helps to provide alternative ideas to those seeking a better life to live their desired life. Cultivating resilience is a daily practice; anyone can build and maintain it. By sharing his story and the situations he had to overcome, Gary Benoit hopes readers can draw similarities and take that first step on a journey of healing.


"First responders are faced with dramatic and emotional calls throughout their careers, which affect their mental health like no other in society. Often, we compartmentalize to try and cope with the effects. Gary provides deep personal insight into how devastating these calls affect your mind, body and spirit.

Any first responder reading his story will immediately recognize and reflect on their own personal demons in their career. Thankfully, Gary was able to overcome his own personal battles and provide reflection, self-awareness, and healing. A Call for Service will help you understand and acquire perspective to realize healing can occur, and you’re not alone."

Michael Elliott
President - Edmonton Police Association
Director - Canadian Police Association

"A Call for Service is an exceptional book giving us a rare view and subsequent insight into the lives of all of our frontline workers. While clearly based on the trials and struggles from a police perspective, I can absolutely relate to the stories and struggles in this book as a Firefighter Paramedic. For the everyday person, it shows the concept of what it is like to put your life on the line every day you go to work and its real perspective. The humanity and empathy shown for people in all kinds of states is incredible. This book reminded me that we all have our own struggles and our own journey. It also gives options to start your own journey in building resiliency and overcoming any personal demons you may have. A great read!"

Matthew Wood
Mindset coach/speaker


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