Bodacious Copy was recommended by a mutual friend. I had just completed two novels and wished to send a clean copy to a publisher. BC was the very best choice I could have made.

Fast, incredibly detail-oriented, superbly literate, and very reasonably priced. Thank you, BC, for making my typing into writing.

Marcia Cannon
Author, Corpse Finders

Christine Bode, the owner of Bodacious Copy, is simply amazing! She was of immense help in editing my book proposal. Her attention to detail, flexibility and expediency were impressive and contributed to a thoroughly polished final version. I highly recommend Christine and her company for editing services.

Carolyn Hamilton-Kuby, CEC, PCC

Christine was on a team that helped me write and publish my first book. I wrote this book under a pen name. Christine helped to ensure I kept the story in line, and her edits were outstanding. Christine is an amazing resource when trying to bring your voice to your writing and ensure it is a piece of work you are proud of.

Carli Lance
Moving Forward: A Woman’s Guide to Healing and Moving on After a Breakup


As any author can tell you, your manuscript is like your child. It’s a part of you, and you would never knowingly hand it off to someone who would potentially do it harm. When you leave your child in the care of someone, you expect them to return showered, fed, and cared for—if your eight-year-old comes back with a pink Mohawk and tattoos, however, you know to never trust that person again. This is the struggle we as authors must face when picking an editor, finding someone who will accentuate the unique voice we have instead of conforming it to a rigid and familiar structure.

This is what Christine does with a golden touch; she works hard to make your work as perfect as it can be without masking the uniqueness that every author individually holds. She did me the honor of editing my debut novel, Allegory of the End, and blew my expectations of the type of relationship a writer can have with their editor. I had searched high and low for a person I felt comfortable enough to edit my work with since it was my first novel, and admittedly I stepped up to the plate with a lot of trepidation, but Christine calmed my nerves with ease. She was as proud of and dedicated to editing my work as I was when writing it, and she will undoubtedly be the editor I turn to in the future.

If you’re looking for an editor, your search should start and end with Christine Bode. She’s the editor I’ll be using for all my future works and the same person I’d recommend to any of my friends or peers.

A.R. Mirabal
Allegory of the End: Volume 1 (Death of the Order)


Your book is as great as the editorial talents you hire to ensure your story is clear, concise, and captivating. I had the PERFECT editor, Christine Bode of Bodacious Copy, work on my autobiography, UNVEILED. I was ecstatic when my book ranked #2 and #3 in two categories in June 2021, just a few weeks after publishing it. Thank you, Christine, for exceeding my expectations.

Dawn James
Unveiled: Autobiography of an Awakened One


Before you publish a document or book, copyediting is required.

By definition, copyediting is the process of revising written material to improve readability and fitness and ensuring that the text is free of grammatical, typographical, continuity, and factual errors.

Christine Bode of Bodacious Copy is a written material fitness guru.

Her sharp eye is punctuated with detail, enhanced by her listening to writing. She accesses the soul and spirit of your words and emphasizes them with uncommon magic. Christine’s talent evolved through decades of experience, but especially and most significantly through her heart. She connects with the writer’s heart and to their heart of the matter—logically and strategically—and always with the writer in mind. It is not her job to change the writer’s voice; it is her passion to enhance it. And she does.

So, before you publish, send Christine an email that will result in a conversation. You’ll be happy that you did and will be in alignment with someone who cares about your words.

Irene Carroll
Strategist at i see / Irene Carroll Et Associates


Christine Bode was recommended to me by Dawn James of Publish and Promote. I met Christine over Zoom, and she was very charming and patient. She helped me with some social media marketing, proofreading, and making the final corrections to my autobiography, UPHILL CLIMB. In speaking with her, I could tell she lives and breathes her work, and during the final edit of my book, she gave me some great ideas that completed the look and feel of it, including the suggestion of adding photos.

I thank Christine for her invaluable input. I would highly recommend her and would love to have her expertise if I decide to write another book.

Jean Pierre
Autobiography of Jean Pierre, Canadian Icon and Creator of Obsidian Skincare


Christine provided excellent copyediting services for me, and I would highly recommend her. She is fast, experienced, and efficient, offering great service and quality at an affordable price. She is friendly and wonderful to deal with.

Robin Westphal
Author, Moving Forward: Healing After Ectopic Pregnancy


Social Media Marketing

Christine Bode is our secret weapon. Her social media marketing and management skills have assisted us in keeping up to date with our online presence for ten years and helped us to sell out Koerner Hall in October 2013. I don’t know what I’d do without her!

Chris McKhool
Leader of Multiple Juno-nominated Recording Artists, Sultans of String


Christine Bode is an excellent, professional communicator. She keeps me current on social media best practices and has greatly enhanced my reach to fans and followers on multiple platforms. She is a delight to work with and a valuable member of my team!

Maria Dunn
Multiple Juno-nominated Singer-Songwriter


Christine substantially expanded my reach for me on multiple social media platforms, more recently with a Twitter focus, over promo campaigns for my last two albums. She helped me strategize, execute, and follow through on the campaigns while guiding me through the maze of social media. Her attention to detail and knowledge in the brave new world, plus her honest and direct style of communication, is incredibly valuable.

David Leask
Canadian Folk Music Award-nominated Singer-Songwriter


Christine guided and grew my social media presence during a cycle of single and music video releases leading up to my album release. She is very knowledgeable about the ins and outs of all of the social media platforms. She is easy to work with and has great ideas. She’s flexible and adapted her social media content and implementation strategy process to my needs and goals. Christine was a great mentor to me during the time we worked together. I feel so much better equipped now to tackle the wild world of the social web!

Kele Fleming


Christine Bode has been a godsend managing social media for me and for Trajectory Productions, Inc., owned by Mark Brett and myself. Christine possesses so much knowledge and experience and has been able to offer sound advice and recommendations around each of the platforms. She is meticulous with each and every post and has really grown our following, and helped put “bums in the seats” for our shows and events. Christine is great at putting a plan together for short and long-term goals and is always on top of what is new and useful for her clients. She’s a pleasure to work with and a great communicator. Quite frankly, I don’t know what I would do without her!

Michelle Berting Brett
Performer/Producer at Trajectory Productions, Inc.


I highly recommend Christine as a social media manager! She is not only great at what she does but is a pleasure to work with. Christine was able to help me navigate various platforms of the social media maze and offer great tips and insight to keep on top of things as a musician. She has great ideas, and her proactive approach helped me immensely!

Amanda Martinez
Latin Jazz Singer-Songwriter at Sola Records


Christine has a great command of English grammar and spelling (very important), an upbeat, positive manner, and a chameleon-like way of speaking on my behalf, consulting me when necessary. She also puts a lot of herself into what she does, and there is a feeling that she cares and sees the importance of her clients’ success in creating her own success. It is not easy to find someone like Christine, and I would recommend her services to anyone who depends on social media for their business but perhaps lacks the time or skills to maximize their potential.

Greg Wyard


Whether the term social media frightens you or fills you with excitement, if connection is what you most want and you need help creating and keeping those connections, then Christine Bode is for you.

Christine is living proof that intimacy can exist in a world of virtual connections. It is possible to create intimate café connections with folks who live on the other side of the planet.

If you are looking to find a larger audience for your artistry, grow your business, and create meaningful, ongoing personal and professional relationships, then look no further than Christine Bode for social media marketing and management services.

Work with someone as passionate as you are.

Gary Rasberry
Juno-nominated Singer-Songwriter


For the past ten years, I have employed Christine Bode as an online social media promoter. I have no complaints and have found her to be consistently thorough, prompt, enthusiastic, and professional. She also always makes sure she is up to date with the newest developments in social media and passes on tips and links for her clients to read. As the social media landscape is constantly adapting and changing, and as independent artists such as myself are so busy with our careers, it is a relief to know someone else is on top of those things, enabling me to maximize my presence online to the best of my time and resources. I highly recommend the services of Christine Bode.

Ann Vriend
Multiple Maple Blues Award-winning Singer-Songwriter