Sexiest Man Alive by Diana Holquist

Sexiest Man AliveBook Review
Title: Sexiest Man Alive
Author:  Diana Holquist
Publisher: Forever
Released: 2007
Pages: 352
ISBN-13: 978-0446617987
ISBN-10: 0446617989
Stars:  3.5

Well folks, the Hachette Book Group USA (Grand Central Publishing) have done it again! I have liked every book I’ve read that they have published and they’ve become my leading source for smart, fun chick lit. The latest absolutely, entertaining and, as addictive as fine Belgian chocolate gem I’ve read, is Sexiest Man Alive by the hilarious Diana Holquist. From the moment I picked up the book with its bare-chested stud muffin in a plush red towel lustily draped by perfectly manicured hands with cherry-coloured fingernails, I knew I was in for some fun! With the tag, “Every woman’s dream just became her reality”, I immediately flashed to my own fantasy with People magazine’s current sexiest man alive, Hugh Jackman, and shuddered with the possibilities! What woman hasn’t fantasized about getting it on with a famous movie star? If there is such a woman who exists out there, I’d like to know!

Sexiest Man Alive is the story of painfully shy, unknown costume designer, Jasmine Burns; a woman who becomes sick with shyness in the presence of attractive men and a very likeable character whom you find yourself rooting for all the way from the first pages. The unique thing about Jasmine is that she has a zany, psychic gypsy sister named Amy whose only power is that she can sometimes tell a person the name of their One True Love (when her spirit guide “Maddie” feels like telling her!) and the name of Jasmine’s O.T.L. is the same as People magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive, actor Josh Toby. It just so happens that movie star Josh is in New York City – incognito -to try to gain respect as a serious actor. He’s preparing for his stage debut in the role of Romeo in Romeo and Juliet in an off-Broadway production of the famous play by Willy Shakespeare.

Josh Toby happens to be in an arranged, fake relationship with his best friend/otherworldly beautiful superstar, Cleo Chan, who is really in love with him, and as Jasmine doesn’t realize the relationship is fake, she doesn’t think she’d ever stand a chance in hell with Josh.

Meanwhile, there is another Josh Toby…a librarian at the New York Public Library who would be much more suited to Jasmine’s shy personality, so Jasmine has to arrange to meet both of them and try to figure out which Josh Toby is her One True Love. Hilarity and cold showers ensue!

This book is fast-paced, funny, well-written, and a perfect summer beach read. If you’re going to write trash, make sure it’s excellent trash – Diana Holquist is Queen Trashionista. Sexiest Man Alive is as guilty a pleasure as Mayan Chocolate Häagen-Dazs and the sex scenes are almost as delicious! I was actually a little bummed out when I finished it!

At the end of Sexiest Man Alive you’ll find the Prologue for Diana’s next book, Hungry For More, and after reading it, I’ve decided that I will likely read everything this woman has to offer because her books are just way too much fun!