Scully Love Promo’s Facebook Page Is For All Artists!

Hello everyone!

My Scully Love Promo Facebook page offers some great tips on social media as well as information about very talented musicians, authors, photographers, and other artists. In fact, all artists are invited to LIKE the page and are welcome to post links and information about their own work.

Today the Scully Love Promo page has 1,182 members and I would love to see it reach 1,200 by the end of the week. I believe in the power of networking and helping each other to spread the love about our work. There is enough room for everyone to be successful and none of us can do it alone. Especially in light of the changes made to Facebook pages and the fact that if we are not an administrator of a page, we can only share it by either posting a link on our wall or by sending a link via email to our personal friends – unless we want to pay for a Facebook ad. So we need each other more than ever! Cross promotion can be very effective and as you know, it takes a village! I encourage all page owners to LIKE other pages as their page (i.e., refer to the Manage tab in the Admin Panel at the top of your page that says Use Facebook as…in my case, Scully Love Promo) which will feature them in the LIKES box on the right side of the Timeline-style page and help to cross promote those artists or businesses that you would recommend.

The Scully Love Promo Facebook page is just one way in which I promote the talented people that I get to know. I write entertainment reviews and interviews which you are familiar with if you read this blog, for Press +1, Canada’s largest online indie entertainment magazine (it has a readership of 3 million!) and Jill Crossland’s TimeFinders – Women Writing For Women. I also write books reviews for HarperCollins Canada and Simon & Schuster and post them on Amazon, and post press releases for local theatre and music events.

Last but not least, is my Scully Love Promo social media management business. I specialize in assisting musicians and authors with their social media marketing campaigns using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, MySpace and WordPress among other top sites, and have created dozens of Facebook pages for artists as well as local businesses. I am one of three administrators of the official Facebook page for Bob Geldof, the Irish musician (former leader of The Boomtown Rats), successful entrepreneur, Band AID and Live AID founder and humanitarian who was knighted by the Queen of England for his tireless fundraising & awareness efforts on behalf of Africa.

I would be honoured to help spread the love about you!

NOTE: This article was updated on March 26, 2012

TimeFinders Magazine – Editorial Calendar for 2010


If you are a female writer who is interested in becoming a contributor to TimeFinders Magazine (Women Writing for Women), I’m sharing editor/publisher Jill Crossland’s editorial calendar for 2010 with you here. If you would like to receive the Guidelines for Article Submissions, please email me at and I’ll send them to you.


Is one of your goals to increase your publicity?

Here are some ways to do just that:
• Write an article for our Coast to Coast or Business Section
• Review a book, CD or movie
• Have us run an excerpt from your book
• Recommend that we feature your blog in our LifeStyles section
• Be interviewed for Conversations

We would also like to open things up to some new areas such as: Relationships, Budgeting & financial planning, Life issues such as illness, divorce & travel.

To submit an article suggestion:

Starting March, 2010

• We now offer a comment box after each article. This allows you to gage the conversation, how your article was received. As it is a new feature you might want to have friends or colleagues leave a comment to get things started.

• An RSS Feed also allows our readers to keep on top of monthly updates.

MAY 24th: Deadline May 14th

FEATURE SPREAD: Share what you are reading, listening to and (or) a favourite movie.

We will run your list with your name and business info.

Relationships: Write about a woman in your life or someone famous who you admire.
Business: How you promote yourself & your business: social media, entrepreneurial groups such as eWomen or print media – ads/articles
Events: Mother’s Day

JUNE 21st: Deadline June 14th

General Topics: What environmental steps do you take in our home?
Do you notice a mental, physical or spiritual shift in yourself with a new season?
Business: What do you do to maintain a GREEN office?
Events: Summer Solstice, Environment Week, Father’s Day

SUMMER EDITION July/August: Deadline July 12th

General Topic: We are all about TRAVEL
Write about a memorable trip that you have taken.
1 Unusual vacation experiences: Volunteering, cooking lessons, writing courses.
2 Your town – tourist attractions where you live.
3 Feel free to include your photographs.
4 Share travel tips, favourite travel gadgets, hotels, blogs/websites

Events: Canada Day, Independence Day, Ramadan

SEPTEMBER 21st: Deadline September 14th

General Topic: Ways to cope with the busy month of September
Business: Bartering of business services. Have you ever tried it? What do you have to offer and what do you need in return?
Relationships: Caregiving
1 Share your story
2 Provide help, information and tips to caregivers.

Events: Autumn, Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur
September 21 International Day of Peace

OCTOBER 25th: Deadline October 18th

General Topic: A health issue that has changed your life
Business: Small Business Week
What being an entrepreneur means to you – the good, the bad & the not what you expected
Events: Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Thanksgiving Canada

HOLIDAY EDITION November/December: Deadline November 16th

General Topics: November & December offer so many special occasions.
1) holiday rituals or stories
2) entertaining tips or recipes
3) gift ideas

November: Remembrance Day/Thanksgiving US
December: Dec 1 World Aids Day
Dec 11 Hanukkah
Dec 21st Winter
Dec 25 Christmas
Dec 26 Kwanzaa begins

Create Your Team: Resources For The Busy Woman

Create Your Team is a brand new website that hosts an online community of entrepreneurial women that was conceived by Business Coach Jill Crossland of Jill Crossland Coaching and TimeFinders online magazine.

Jill joined forces with graphic designer, Alanna Morley who created the website and Mean Business blog and their IT consultant is Terri Pepin of Mapleleaf Solutions.

Create Your Team (CYT) showcases the services of various professional women, myself included, who offer services as varied as that of professional organizer, career consultant, self-esteem coach, life coach & facilitator, business coach and internet promoter and social media marketer for starters.

Create Your Team is a means by which entrepreneurial women can connect with other entrepreneurial woman to fill in the gaps they are missing in their own businesses, or to help locate other professionals they may need to make their own personal or professional lives more successful.

You simply decide what help you are looking for, and then check out our CYT member page to see if someone there can provide you with the services individual to your own needs.

Each Create Your Team member is a business woman who has founded and runs her own company. They have the experience and know how to help you in your personal & professional life.

There are two components to Create Your Team:

First it is a safe place where an entrepreneurial woman can come to find help. From house cleaners, bookkeepers, web designers, to lawyers we will steadily add to our member list in an effort to provide you with all manner of help.

Secondly if you would like to become a member and have your business listed with us, it is as simple as an annual fee, two photos and providing some information about your business.”

We’re looking for women who offer a wide variety of services such as that of housekeeper, nanny, bookkeeper, accountant, web designer, photographer, graphic designer, interior designer, health care worker, lawyer, etc.

“For an annual rate you have the opportunity to reach your female clients and customers. You present yourself and your business in a simple and straight forward manner. In turn the client can go to your website or contact you directly.

We will also provide you access to our Mean Business blog. You can post your latest article, write some helpful tips, share a resource, book or something that is happening in your business. We recognize this blog is a tool to further promote yourself and your business, however, we do ask that the content remain relevant and we reserve the right to delete any post that does not meet up with this criteria.

An annual membership fee of $150*

With your annual membership you will be provided with the following:

• A photo link on our members page
• Your own site page with 2 photos and all the contact and profile information you provide to us
• A “Featured Profile” link on our home page for a minimum of one week, two times a year
• 5% off discount from other CYT members for use of their services
• The ability to post on our blog


For a limited time we are inviting entrepreneurs to join CYT at the special rate of $100 for the first year.

You can’t beat that!

For more information about CYT’s policies, click here.

We hope that you will join our team and look forward to sharing your services with other professional women all over the world.