TimeFinders Magazine – Editorial Calendar for 2010


If you are a female writer who is interested in becoming a contributor to TimeFinders Magazine (Women Writing for Women), I’m sharing editor/publisher Jill Crossland’s editorial calendar for 2010 with you here. If you would like to receive the Guidelines for Article Submissions, please email me at scullylove@cogeco.ca and I’ll send them to you.


Is one of your goals to increase your publicity?

Here are some ways to do just that:
• Write an article for our Coast to Coast or Business Section
• Review a book, CD or movie
• Have us run an excerpt from your book
• Recommend that we feature your blog in our LifeStyles section
• Be interviewed for Conversations

We would also like to open things up to some new areas such as: Relationships, Budgeting & financial planning, Life issues such as illness, divorce & travel.

To submit an article suggestion: jill@timefindersmagazine.com

Starting March, 2010

• We now offer a comment box after each article. This allows you to gage the conversation, how your article was received. As it is a new feature you might want to have friends or colleagues leave a comment to get things started.

• An RSS Feed also allows our readers to keep on top of monthly updates.

MAY 24th: Deadline May 14th

FEATURE SPREAD: Share what you are reading, listening to and (or) a favourite movie.

We will run your list with your name and business info.

Relationships: Write about a woman in your life or someone famous who you admire.
Business: How you promote yourself & your business: social media, entrepreneurial groups such as eWomen or print media – ads/articles
Events: Mother’s Day

JUNE 21st: Deadline June 14th

General Topics: What environmental steps do you take in our home?
Do you notice a mental, physical or spiritual shift in yourself with a new season?
Business: What do you do to maintain a GREEN office?
Events: Summer Solstice, Environment Week, Father’s Day

SUMMER EDITION July/August: Deadline July 12th

General Topic: We are all about TRAVEL
Write about a memorable trip that you have taken.
1 Unusual vacation experiences: Volunteering, cooking lessons, writing courses.
2 Your town – tourist attractions where you live.
3 Feel free to include your photographs.
4 Share travel tips, favourite travel gadgets, hotels, blogs/websites

Events: Canada Day, Independence Day, Ramadan

SEPTEMBER 21st: Deadline September 14th

General Topic: Ways to cope with the busy month of September
Business: Bartering of business services. Have you ever tried it? What do you have to offer and what do you need in return?
Relationships: Caregiving
1 Share your story
2 Provide help, information and tips to caregivers.

Events: Autumn, Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur
September 21 International Day of Peace

OCTOBER 25th: Deadline October 18th

General Topic: A health issue that has changed your life
Business: Small Business Week
What being an entrepreneur means to you – the good, the bad & the not what you expected
Events: Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Thanksgiving Canada

HOLIDAY EDITION November/December: Deadline November 16th

General Topics: November & December offer so many special occasions.
1) holiday rituals or stories
2) entertaining tips or recipes
3) gift ideas

November: Remembrance Day/Thanksgiving US
December: Dec 1 World Aids Day
Dec 11 Hanukkah
Dec 21st Winter
Dec 25 Christmas
Dec 26 Kwanzaa begins

At A Loss For Words by Diane Schoemperlen

At A Loss For Words by Diane Schoemperlen

Book Review
Title: At A Loss For Words
Author:  Diane Schoemperlen
Publisher: Phyllis Bruce Books
Released: January 17, 2008
Pages: 160
ISBN 10 – 0002008815
ISBN 13 – 978-0002008815
Stars:  3.5

I wrote this review for HarperCollins early this year.

As a single, forty-something female, it’s frightening how much I relate to fellow Kingstonian, Diane Schoemperlen’s excellent new novel (January 2008), At A Loss For Words (A Post-Romantic Novel). I could swear this is a work of non-fiction, allowing readers a peak into Schoemperlen’s real life because it’s so full of truth. I figure that if I am deeply moved by it because of having had such a similar experience in dealing with a long distance relationship with a man who very quickly into our getting to know each other (after we had slept together of course) suddenly became so busy and had so many excuses as to why he wasn’t calling, emailing or driving the two hours east to see me – then I’m sure there are many women out there who feel the same way.

This is a WONDERFUL, well-written, humourous book about the desperate nature of human relationships and how we all question our sanity when we’re in love. Diane has managed to write just about everything that I felt about my most recent relationship (and others), although I’m sure I wasn’t quite as obsessive about writing to him as her unnamed character is! It was smart to write the characters without names because the reader can insert whatever name she or he want and suddenly, the story could be theirs. Remarkably, I even had the same Mr. Wonderful doll that my best friend gave me. However, after ending the relationship – because I found out that I wasn’t the only woman he was dating, but in fact he was sleeping with at least three other women at the same time which shed a bright light on his many excuses: why he was tired so often, couldn’t find the time to spend an entire day with me and was a pretty lousy lay – I threw out Mr. Wonderful because I realized that he doesn’t exist.

All men lie to the women in their lives. All of them. And we lie to them too. Diane knows that and has managed to maintain a sense of humour about the sad truth of it all. The way in which she writes about ideas to cure writer’s block and her use of references to horoscopes, websites and music all add to the contemporary realism of this story.

I will recommend this book to every woman that I know who is out there dating or thinking about it! How the human race manages to evolve, I do not know. Diane, call me! I’m sure we could talk!