4 Benefits of Being Part of an Anthology

21 Resilient Women and Beyond the Smile Anthologies

There is a saying that sometimes you need to get your feet wet before you jump in the water.

Many writers who want to publish a book, take their first step by writing one chapter in a compilation of stories called an anthology.

What is an Anthology?

An anthology book is a collection of short fiction, poetry or nonfiction works (or excerpts) by a variety of authors. Typically, the book is organized around a particular subject, theme, writing style or genre.

One of the most successful anthology book series has been the Chicken Soup for the Soul series by Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen.

Each book in the series is a collection of inspirational stories targeted at various markets such as pet lovers, cancer patients, nurses, new moms, runners, gardeners—the list is exhaustive.

Participation in an anthology can be by invitation for free, for pay (share of royalties or flat fee) or pay to participate, meaning that authors pay to be included in the book. In the business arena, paid anthologies are common since authors use the opportunity to promote themselves. Some projects also require authors to purchase a certain number of books either in addition to any fee or in lieu of a fee.

Authors are provided with a list of guidelines for writing and submitting drafts for their segments of the book.

The compiler or publisher bears the costs of producing the book to include editing, graphic design, layout, proofing, publishing, printing, marketing, and distribution, and retains the right to reject any author’s submission or participation in the project.

4 Benefits of Being Part of an Anthology

Less effort: Self-publishing or getting published by a regular publishing house can be quite a project! An anthology only requires authors to submit a segment and leave those details to the editor and publisher. This allows authors to concentrate on creating their best work.

Less cost: Depending on the nature of the anthology agreement, a writer can purchase books instead of a fee or pay a small participation fee which is a fraction of the cost of self-publishing. The compiler of the anthology picks up the tab for editing, design, cover design, proofreading, distribution, and launch.

In good company: Some anthologies gather top authors and experts. So, being included with recognized writers can afford less famous writers the benefit of being considered on par with them.

Today’s business card. Being able to say, “I’m one of the authors of _____” can carry a lot of weight for writers who are seeking additional writing opportunities. The book becomes a great business card! It says that someone of note considered them and their work worthy to be included.

The contacts you make can lead to a larger marketing pool. The other authors are going to market the anthology to their readers. This essentially means you get free marketing to a different audience simply because your work is compiled in the same place. It also means you might be able to market a little less than you do for your singular works because several people will be sharing this information. (No need to overdo the marketing and make readers tired of the promo.)

Here are some recent Anthology Projects we managed.

Dawn James
Managing Director, Publish and Promote

Award-winning Celebrity Skincare Entrepreneur Jean Pierre Releases Powerful New Memoir on the Uphill Climb to Personal & Professional Success

TORONTO – Feb. 3, 2021  — On February 27th, Jamaican-Canadian Icon and Skin Care Guru Jean Pierre is set to release a bold new memoir entitled Uphill Climb. The book details Pierre’s inspirational journey as a healthcare practitioner, entrepreneur, international public speaker and creator of the popular Obsidian Skincare line. Uphill Climb delves into Pierre’s deeply personal health struggles as a two-time cancer survivor and the difficult experience that almost claimed her life. It celebrates Pierre’s cultural roots, her pure grit and determination to succeed and her audacious pursuit of new innovations in skincare and self-care to help others heal from the inside out.

Pierre, who is also the founder of Jean Pierre Aesthetics & Spa Inc., wrote Uphill Climb after having time to reflect during the COVID-19 pandemic on all the challenges that she encountered and overcame in her career. Pierre said she was motivated to write with a specific audience in mind, “I hope this book will inspire young Black women to pursue their chosen paths. I share my story for women who have reached a glass ceiling, are not feeling satisfied where they are and want to start their own businesses.” Pierre understands the trials that come from an entrepreneur’s battle to move from obscurity to making a name for oneself—while protecting the mission of leaving a positive impact on those they encounter.

Pierre, who never met a challenge that she was afraid to take on, approaches business as she does many of the circumstances life has thrown her way. She dares not take the easy way out. In the book, Pierre recalls an instance where a male client offered to invest $30,000 in her business. The offer came at a time when she struggled as an entrepreneur. Pierre instead turned down the enticing offer and decided to pursue her own path forward. The decision proved favorable because a few months later, the investor began ordering his favorite Obsidian Skincare products from prison. In Uphill Climb, readers will also learn what fueled Pierre’s brave decision to turn down a lucrative contract with a popular American cosmetics brand to mass-produce her Obsidian Skincare line.

It is experiences like that which make the skincare luminary’s story so striking and stirring. Uphill Climb is ladened with wisdom and courage. It shows Pierre’s fearlessness to achieve the life that she envisioned. Her stories are bound by an experience of faith, ambition and the quest to seek contentment at every stage of her journey. Uphill Climb will not only serve as a chronicle of resilience and hope, but it will also serve as a guide for every woman who knows there is greater.

The book is a page-turner that beautifully balances the unpredictability of life with the call and pursuit of destiny. “You know how and where your journey began, but you do not know where or how it will end. Things do not always go the way you plan or expect, but it is essential not to take your eyes off the ball,” said Pierre.

Uphill Climb was produced by Dawn James, Managing Director of Publish and Promote.

It is scheduled for release on Saturday, February 27, 2021, on Amazon.com.

To learn more about Jean Pierre please visit www.jeanpierrespa.com.

Henton Jones Media LLC

21 Resilient Women: Stories of Courage, Growth, and Transformation

This autumn, I have been honoured to work as a copy editor on four books for PublishandPromote.ca and this book was the first of a trio of anthologies. This anthology contains stories by 21 different women who are sure to inspire you with their courage, growth, and transformation! The book was compiled by Canadian career coach, Daisy Wright, of The Wright Career Solution, and I share her press release with you here.


GTA women share personal stories of courage and transformation in new book of essays

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, TORONTO, November 19, 2020 – 21 Resilient Women: Stories of Courage, Growth and Transformation is launching at a time when the COVID-19 pandemic has many people searching for hope and inspiration.

Brampton career coach Daisy Wright knows that ordinary women often lead extraordinary lives. That’s why she invited 20 women to share stories about their challenges, triumphs, and journeys for a book being released this week.

“We are constantly bombarded with stories about celebrities’ lives, but ordinary women have powerful lessons to teach us. The women in this book found the courage to overcome challenges that range from devastating health diagnoses to bias and discrimination. Others reflect on their experiences of motherhood, menopause, and adapting to life in a new country. I hope readers will see themselves in some of these stories and say, “If she overcame that, I can, too!” says Wright.

One of the women in the book was attending university on a basketball scholarship when a car accident left her paralyzed. Although she struggled, the accident didn’t prevent her from completing her studies, and she now has a rewarding career as a physician assistant. The other contributors write about experiences that include: immigrating to Canada and having to work two jobs to support their family, starting non-profit organizations, being diagnosed with a brain aneurysm, and dealing with microaggressions and harassment in the corporate world.

The 21 co-authors featured in the book reflect the diversity of the GTA. All are Canadians, with roots in Canada, Chile/Venezuela, Guyana, India, Jamaica, Nigeria, Nepal, Philippines, Saint Lucia, Sri Lanka, Trinidad & Tobago, and the United Kingdom. They were determined to use this sombre downtime that 2020 brought, to do some deep reflection and contribute to this legacy. They also decided that partial proceeds from the sales of the book will be donated to a local women’s shelter.

Daisy Wright’s story is the first essay in the book. Growing up in Jamaica, her family taught her that the sky’s the limit when it comes to achieving your career dreams. “But I was jolted to reality when I realized things were different in Corporate Canada. Your career ambitions can be limited – not based on your qualifications, but because of the colour of your skin,” says Wright. Not one to linger too long at her “pity parties”, Wright tapped into her entrepreneurial spirit and started a successful career coaching business known as The Wright Career Solution.

21 Resilient Women: Stories of Courage, Growth and Transformation is for sale on Amazon and IngramSpark. This is Daisy’s third book; her others are Tell Stories: Get Hired and No Canadian Experience, Eh?

For more information or to arrange an interview, please contact:

Daisy Wright at 647-930-4763, or daisy@thewrightcareer.com

This Is The Moment! How One Man’s Yearlong Journey Captured the Power of Extraordinary Gratitude by Walter Green

Book Review
Title: This Is The Moment!
Author: Walter Green
Publisher: Hay House
Released: 2010
Pages: 240
ISBN-10: 1401928080
ISBN-13: 978-1401928087
Stars: 4.0

This Is The Moment! How One Man’s Yearlong Journey Captured the Power of Extraordinary Gratitude is a Hay House publication which means it’s both spiritual in intention as well as inspirational.

Walter Green is an accomplished businessman who was Chairman of the Board and CEO of Harrison Conference Services for 25 years. He has been a member of many different organizations in his lifetime and he’s well known for his leadership, mentoring young adults, and his involvement in several non-profit organizations. From the list of his achievements alone one could surmise that he is an extraordinary man.

Walter Green describes his yearlong journey as a “victory lap” and although he has achieved great success in his life, it’s his capacity for gratitude and love as well as the size of his heart, that make him stand apart from the crowd to shine in the spotlight of divine inspiration.

This book is broken down into three parts: My Journey, The Conversations and Your Moment. It’s not only a memoir of Walter’s experiences but also a handbook to inspire its readers to take their own extraordinary gratitude journey.

In “My Journey”, Walter describes an idea whose time has come. He reveals what he got from the experience of spending a year telling the most significant 44 people in his life what they meant to him as well as what others received from his experiences and the pain of regret when we lose someone we love without being able to let them know how we feel about them.

“The bitterest tears shed over graves are for words left unsaid and deeds left undone.” ~ Harriet Beecher Stowe

Walter Green believes that it’s never too soon to share how you feel about the people in your life who have made a profound contribution to it and that the bittersweetness of a Eulogy is that the person being acknowledged can no longer hear what’s being said about them; something most of us have tasted in our lives.

“The Conversations” (broken down into the Formative, Building, Refocusing and Across the Years categories) he chose to share with his readers were obviously carefully edited because we get the gratitude on the page but not always the tone of the emotion behind it. Reading through some of the tributes Walter makes for his friends, colleagues, mentors, mentees, business associates and even family doctor make for less than exciting reading because while these people are important to Green, they may not be to you as a reader. I don’t know if any of us could speak so eloquently in such emotional moments.

However, in “Across the Years” Walter shares with us some of the gratitude he has for his wife and two sons and that part brought tears to my eyes – partly because I don’t have a husband or children to enrich my life. The answers to his questions of how did his wife influence his life and have his children influenced his life in positive and significant ways really struck a chord in me as I thought about how my parents might answer those questions. Walter encourages us to let our children know the answer to this question in an out-of-the-ordinary way. He describes his conversation with his twin sons as being the most important and poignant one he’s ever had.

“Other than what I have with my wife, no relationship I’ve ever had has come anywhere close to the one I’ve had with my boys. I always wanted them to have the best of me. That’s when the dance began. I led.”

Walter talks about “the special moments that have become major deposits in my memory bank.” He has found most of the meaning in his life from helping others and in “Your Moment”, he encourages us to take our own gratitude journey and to do it our own way. We can start appreciating people by expressing uncommon gratitude for what they’ve done for us and what they’ve meant to our lives. Walter gives us a wonderful outline to motivate us to go forward on our own journey and I was very inspired to take it myself. I’ve made a list and know exactly how I’m going to share my gratitude with the people I treasure in my life.

This Is The Moment! is a beautiful book with a tranquil, appealing cover jacket created in high gloss, high quality paper. The layout of the book, together with the font used, made it an easy read. Most significant of all is the fact that the message in this book is relevant and extremely important and I highly recommend this read.