Please Help Support This GoFundMe Campaign for my Friend, Fred Chapman

Fred ChapmanI donated to this Go Fund Me campaign because Fred Chapman has been a good friend of mine for many years and a great supporter of both me and my musician clients. He’s a wonderful, smart guy (he has his PhD in Math!) who really just wants to work and get his life back and I know very well as a self-employed person, that when the chips are down, we need help like this! Someday it could be me.

If anyone I know or that this post reaches can help with tips for a job for Fred (his LinkedIn profile is in the campaign description), a donation (any amount is appreciated) or simply by sharing this post, we would both be very grateful! Thank you so much!

All my best, Christine 🙏


Help Sultans of String Record Their New Christmas Caravan CD!

I have been working with Chris McKhool and 3x Juno-nominated Sultans of String for the past six years and I love these guys, but I have a confession to make. I’d love this group of Canadian musicians if I’d never worked with them. I would still be a super fan because they’re superb musicians at the peak of their craft who blend genres of music like a gourmet chef creates new recipes, and with each album they release, they astonish me with their talent more and more.

Sultans of String is in the studio recording their 6th CD… a world music Christmas Caravan and they’re really excited about and proud of this project! This is a Christmas album but approached from the perspective of a world music band. We would love for you to take a look at the EPK video for this album at:

Sultans of String explore diverse genres, from Quebecois fiddle tunes to collaborating with a traditional Turkish string ensemble. They jump from the classic sounds of the Andrews Sisters to a Himalayan sleigh ride to African roots music, Gypsy-jazz, rumba flamenco, and ska, to the grandeur of the symphony.  They made a dream list of their favourite vocal artists to join them, all of whom agreed to join in the fun! This is their most exciting album yet, and the vocal guests infuse a tremendous amount of energy into their music. You’ll have to watch the video to find out who they are!

These independent recording artists have no record company support, so they need to raise money to finish production… but they are not asking for handouts. Rather, they are offering fun incentives to encourage your support – and you can truly become part of this journey with them. You can pre-order the album, get advance concert tickets, even the Executive Producer credit is up for grabs, along with the front row of seats at their banner CD release concert at Toronto’s Isabel Theatre on December 2, 2017!

If you love what you hear, we would be grateful if you’d share this link with your friends.

Sultans of String wouldn’t be able to continue to make new music without you.

Thanks for listening!

Please Help Little Sofia On Her Journey With Leukemia!

Sofia Handrick

Last week I found out that my friend, Irish musician Andrew Handrick’s three and a half year old daughter Sofia has Lymphatic Leukemia.  Finding out that your child has cancer has got to be a parent’s worst nightmare.

Andrew and his partner Eva run a small ceramics shop in La Spezia, Italy which is their only source of income. They have to close the shop a lot these days so that they can spend time with Sofia while she is in hospital.  Of course, they want to give her everything she needs to make her life as easy as possible during this challenging time.

Andrew started a fundraising campaign through and has been overwhelmed by the support and generosity of people all over the world. We’ve all known someone we care about who has been plagued by cancer. If you can help, even in a small way, your gift will be most appreciated. These are beautiful, creative, hard-working people who deserve to be able to watch their daughter grow up. You can help by donating directly to Help Little Sofia at

Alternatively, Artist Sarah Ryan from Limerick, Ireland has donated

The Spirit of Sofia, an oil painting by Sarah Ryan
The Spirit of Sofia

this lovely oil painting of flowers entitled ‘The Spirit of Sofia’ to be auctioned off on EBay with all proceeds going to Sofia Handrick. The attached link will take you to where you can bid for the painting (17″ x 13″ inches, oil painting varnished with gloss).

Andrew, Eva, Sofia and I thank you for your support & compassion!

With love & gratitude,