Careers AF! (2nd Edition): New Rules, New Tools for the Post-pandemic Gig Economy Offers a First-Rate Fail-Proof Career Strategy

Careers AF!: (2nd Edition) New rules, new tools for the post-pandemic gig economy by M. Michelle Nadon

Careers AF! (2nd Edition): New Rules, New Tools for the Post-pandemic Gig Economy Offers a First-Rate Fail-Proof Career Strategy

Book Review

Title: Careers AF! (2nd Edition): New Rules, New Tools for the Post-Pandemic Gig Economy
Author:  M. Michelle Nadon
Imprint: FriesenPress
Released: July 6, 2021
Pages: 252
ISBN-13: 978-1039126480
Stars:  5.00

Recently, a dear friend and colleague, public and media relations specialist Irene Carroll, invited me to attend M. Michelle Nadon‘s Wednesday Career Jam Zoom group.  As I am trying to grow my second business as an entrepreneur, I thought it would be an excellent opportunity to network, and it is.  I was immediately struck by Mitch’s (the author’s preferred name) dynamic, forthright, sincere, and warm personality, and it was clear that she knows about what she speaks. She genuinely wants to help people become career activists who achieve their short, mid, and long-term career goals.

I just finished reading her book, Careers AF! (2nd Edition): New Rules, New Tools for the Post-Pandemic Gig Economy, from cover to cover, and Mitch’s authentic voice comes through in every sentence.  It is chock full of first-rate, mindful, and initiative-taking advice and a clear-cut strategy for everything you must do to land your dream job in the post-pandemic economy—not that the never-ending pandemic is post yet!

Careers AF! is easy to read and understand, and the content is golden. It offers a professional career strategy plan for New Canadians, Boomers, Millennials, and Generations X, Y, and Z. Nadon interspersed terrific Mindset Alerts, Landmine Alerts, and Killer App Alerts that highlight essential tips to grab your attention. In addition, Careers AF! contains insightful quotes and links from media industry professionals, many of whom have worked with Mitch, a highly regarded recruitment specialist, career strategist, and media instructor who has serviced the Canadian media, entertainment, and cultural sectors for nearly twenty years. Her company, mediaINTELLIGENCE, “links today’s business with top talent through innovative recruitment models and cutting-edge career enrichment programs.”

Chapter 21: Smart Start: How To Start Your Own Business was particularly helpful to me, and I wish I had known its contents when I started my first entrepreneurial endeavour in 2008. Oh, to have known then what I know now! I have begun to implement Mitch’s career strategy and will be referring to this book repeatedly as I move forward.

I would like to see branded graphic images within the pages of this book as I believe they would perfectly highlight and punctuate the content, making a designed book shine. The Table of Contents contains the complete contents of this Edition, so if you skim, head to the back of the book.

M. Michelle Nadon Careers AF!
Recruitment Specialist, Career Strategist, and Author M. Michelle Nadon

Recruitment Specialist, Career Strategist, and Author M. Michelle Nadon

Mitch Nadon offers a terrific Career Toolkit for only $29.99 from her website that contains everything you need to reinvent yourself and build a new business. I highly recommend that you purchase this book and the toolkit if you’re trying to navigate the post-pandemic gig economy to land your dream job or build and grow your business. If you do, there’s no way you can fail. Get it on Amazon here.

21 Resilient Women: Stories of Courage, Growth, and Transformation

This autumn, I have been honoured to work as a copy editor on four books for and this book was the first of a trio of anthologies. This anthology contains stories by 21 different women who are sure to inspire you with their courage, growth, and transformation! The book was compiled by Canadian career coach, Daisy Wright, of The Wright Career Solution, and I share her press release with you here.


GTA women share personal stories of courage and transformation in new book of essays

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, TORONTO, November 19, 2020 – 21 Resilient Women: Stories of Courage, Growth and Transformation is launching at a time when the COVID-19 pandemic has many people searching for hope and inspiration.

Brampton career coach Daisy Wright knows that ordinary women often lead extraordinary lives. That’s why she invited 20 women to share stories about their challenges, triumphs, and journeys for a book being released this week.

“We are constantly bombarded with stories about celebrities’ lives, but ordinary women have powerful lessons to teach us. The women in this book found the courage to overcome challenges that range from devastating health diagnoses to bias and discrimination. Others reflect on their experiences of motherhood, menopause, and adapting to life in a new country. I hope readers will see themselves in some of these stories and say, “If she overcame that, I can, too!” says Wright.

One of the women in the book was attending university on a basketball scholarship when a car accident left her paralyzed. Although she struggled, the accident didn’t prevent her from completing her studies, and she now has a rewarding career as a physician assistant. The other contributors write about experiences that include: immigrating to Canada and having to work two jobs to support their family, starting non-profit organizations, being diagnosed with a brain aneurysm, and dealing with microaggressions and harassment in the corporate world.

The 21 co-authors featured in the book reflect the diversity of the GTA. All are Canadians, with roots in Canada, Chile/Venezuela, Guyana, India, Jamaica, Nigeria, Nepal, Philippines, Saint Lucia, Sri Lanka, Trinidad & Tobago, and the United Kingdom. They were determined to use this sombre downtime that 2020 brought, to do some deep reflection and contribute to this legacy. They also decided that partial proceeds from the sales of the book will be donated to a local women’s shelter.

Daisy Wright’s story is the first essay in the book. Growing up in Jamaica, her family taught her that the sky’s the limit when it comes to achieving your career dreams. “But I was jolted to reality when I realized things were different in Corporate Canada. Your career ambitions can be limited – not based on your qualifications, but because of the colour of your skin,” says Wright. Not one to linger too long at her “pity parties”, Wright tapped into her entrepreneurial spirit and started a successful career coaching business known as The Wright Career Solution.

21 Resilient Women: Stories of Courage, Growth and Transformation is for sale on Amazon and IngramSpark. This is Daisy’s third book; her others are Tell Stories: Get Hired and No Canadian Experience, Eh?

For more information or to arrange an interview, please contact:

Daisy Wright at 647-930-4763, or