Sue Kenney Designs Barebottom Shoes™ – Soleless Footwear

Sue Kenney at Dragons' Den

Pilgrim, Author, Speaker & Coach Sue Kenney is doing some pretty amazing work these days!  Aside from the fact that she wrote a Canadian best-selling book, My Camino, and leads annual walking tours on the Camino de Santiago de Compostela (which she has walked a total of nine times, the last time barefoot!), she is now adding footwear designer to her resume!

Sue’s recent newsletter revealed:

“In January, I designed what I believe could be the first ever soleless shoe and now the TV show Dragons’ Den want to hear about it.

Barebottom Shoes™ are soleless footwear designed by Sue Kenney, a Camino pilgrim who walks and runs barefoot, because there wasn’t anything on the market to meet her needs.

They loved my Barebottom Shoes! The first ever soleless shoes are perfect for the beach, yoga class, around the house and the pool, on a boat and more. Barefooters love them because they allow you to be connected to the ground, without being asked to leave restaurants, stores and public places. They are stylish and for people interested in a natural way of living and healing, it’s the perfect option.

They allow for a barefoot lifestyle in a shoe with a minimalist look. This is footwear for people who care enough about healing and a return to a connection with Mother Earth in a barefoot shoe that can be worn anywhere. I will be pitching my idea to the Dragons’ Den on April 10, 2013. After that I’ll find out if I will be televised.

In the natural health related market, a concern about their environment, is paramount. Barebottom Shoes are called a shoe but the difference is they don’t have soles! Cut with a renaissance look that is stylish, hand-made in leather, comfy and even a little sexy. Try them at your yoga class, Zumba or Nia sessions, wellness centre and even at the gym, then wear them home. It feels like you are wearing nothing at all.

My intent is to introduce more people to simplifying their footwear to allow the feet to get stronger and do what they were meant to do. We have almost as many sensory nerves on the bottom of our feet as we do in our spine. The function of these nerves is to know what the terrain is, the temperature, humidity and much more so that signals are triggered to the brain and the systems in the body to adjust things like our cardiovascular system, our nervous system and balancing the body. Wearing these shoes helps us to tap into our individual healing system and being barefoot helps strengthen the foundation of our body, our feet.

For the serious barefooters, many retail stores have a policy “no shoes, no shirt, no service”. If you wear Barebottom Shoes, there’s a good chance they won’t ask you to leave because they will think you are wearing regular shoes.

Shoes will be available to order on March 25, 2013 at or we’ll be at the Yoga Show in Toronto from March 22-24 at booth 1102 with lots of different colours!


If you decide to start going barefoot, please start slowly and work up to longer periods of time shodless. Begin walking 10 minutes a day and add a minute each day. There are some great books on Barefooting: Born to Run by Christopher McDougall, Barefoot Running by Michael Sandler and Jessica Lee, and Barefoot Running Step by Step by Ken Bob Saxton. Although these books are all about running, most of the information can be applied to walking. I’ll be posting tips on my website and Facebook page.

Barebottom Shoes with Sue Kenney will be taped on April 10! Let’s hope the Dragons love them!

Soul to sole,


Barefoot Healing: A Workshop with Sue Kenney

Would you like to discover the healing powers of going BAREFOOT? Not only will you improve your balance and flexibility, there’s a possibility you can help your body to heal itself.  In the book EARTHING, Clinton Ober talks about how grounding can contribute to a natural healing process. Our bodies are electrically conductive and the influx of negatively charged electrons received through direct contact with the earth neutralizes positive free radicals and the result is that it reduces inflammation in the body.

Wearing shoes has cut us off from this incredible gift the earth has to offer. Learn how you can integrate this forgotten component of a holistic approach to everyday life. It’s organic and it’s right under our feet!


Date: Sunday, July 8, 2012
Time: 10:00 am to 4:00 pm
Place: The Waterview Space, 125 Dunlop St. E., Barrie, ON
Cost: $95.00 plus hst in advance ($105.00 plus hst at the door) or by donation.

GET YOUR TICKETS HERE – book now to avoid disappointment as there are only 15 spaces available!

For more info call 705-826-4641 or email

Sue’s Bio

Sue Kenney is a storyteller and the author of the best selling book, My Camino. As a pilgrim, she has walked the Camino de Santiago in Spain 9 times covering over 4000 kilometers. Sue began her barefoot journey in July 2011, wearing minimalist footwear. One month later she kicked off her shoes and she’s been researching and studying the physical, spiritual and healing effects of being barefoot ever since. Today Sue can be seen walking/running barefoot, even in the snow. Sue led a group in May 2012 on the Camino and walked all 225 kms barefoot.

A Barefoot Pilgrimage to Santiago: A Talk by Sue Kenney

My client, Sue Kenney, bestselling author of My Camino, is currently walking the Camino de Compostela in Spain with a group of 11, and she’s walking BAREFOOT!!

You can keep up with their amazing journey on Sue’s Facebook page where she’ll be posting new content about their walk every day from now until June 2nd!

Sue Kenney is also the author of Confessions of a Pilgrim, a pilgrim, life/Camino coach, workshop facilitator, filmmaker (Las Peregrinas) and inspirational speaker and is offering to share her stories, tips and experiences she had while walking barefoot on the Camino.  She will have just completed 225kms, walking from Ponferrada while leading a group, and plans to arrive in Santiago May 31st, 2012.

This is her 9th Camino.

Everyone is welcome.

Saturday June 2, 2012


Campus Stellae Hospideria

Avda. de las Ciencias S/N

Contact Sue Kenney at 34 693 85 32 29 


It’s all about being a pilgrim in life.

What are you doing with your life now that you’ve walked the CaminoYou are a pilgrim and on your way home.  You know that things will be different.  Your perspective has shifted and it might be more difficult to identify the yellow arrows once you are away from the Camino.  Why not get the support of an expert pilgrim and life coach who can guide you along the way? Sue Kenney is offering a unique start-up program to provide the insight, guidance and tools pilgrims can apply to help to integrate the Camino experience into their life back home.  Sue is currently walking 225kms of the Camino from Ponferrada while leading a group of pilgrims and plans to arrive in Santiago May 31st, 2012.

It’s called Suseya Start

A coaching program for Camino Pilgrims to facilitate a step by step practice. Faciliated by Sue Kenney

Friday June 1, 2012


Saturday Campus Stellae Hospideria

Avda. de las Ciencias S/N


Contact Sue Kenney at 34 693 85 32 29

What is Suseya? When the pilgrims of the past walked the Camino they were greeted with the Latin word Ultreya…onward. Once in Santiago, they had to turn around and walk the entire way back home. On the way they were greeted with the word Suseya which means upward.

Join Sue for these one-of-a-kind special events in Santiago!  It’s not too late.

You can also listen to Sue talk about the Camino and barefootin’ with Margaret Stuart on the Mango Tiger Radio Show here and on the RunRunLive Running Podcast here.

I’m Thrilled To Welcome Canadian Bestselling Author of My Camino, Sue Kenney, As A Client!

One of the best things about my job is that I continually find myself working with some of the most inspiring, talented people (Ann Vriend, Dawn James, Darin Steckler, Shari Ulrich and Chris McKhool of Sultans of String just to name a few) and my newest client is no exception.

From the moment I spoke with Sue Kenney on the phone I knew she is special and that she will continue to inspire me with her enthusiasm, vivacious personality, intellect and authenticity.  Not only has she achieved some absolutely amazing things in her life, but she is someone whom I immediately feel a spiritual connection with and I know that she’s going to teach me a great deal.

Who is Sue Kenney?  Sue is a Pilgrim.  After being suddenly downsized from a career in the corporate telecom industry, she walked 780 kilometers over 29 days on a medieval pilgrimage route in Spain known as the Camino de Santiago de Compostela.  If that sounds familiar to you, you might have heard about Emilio Estevez and Martin Sheen’s latest film, The Way, which is about an American doctor’s (Sheen) journey along the Camino de Santiago.

Sue didn’t just walk the Camino but she went alone, in the winter, on a spiritual quest that “guided me back to myself.” From a place of love, Sue uses her voice to inspire and guide others on their life journey.

Sue has written two books: My Camino and Confessions of a Pilgrim and  directed a feature documentary film called Las Peregrinas…the women who walked…that was released 5 years ago to 2,000 people on 5 continents and raised $16,000 for charities.  My Camino is currently in development as a feature film with Item 7 in Montreal and Sue and her writing partner Bruce Pirrie have co-written the screenplay.  Confessions of a Pilgrim is her second book about a journey on the Portuguese Camino on a quest to give away a sacred Eagle feather.

Sue also produced a couple of short films and most recently, she narrated an audiobook version of My Camino that is now available on CDBaby and will soon be available on iTunes.

Sue has walked the Camino de Santiago de Compostela eight times and now coaches and guides a group on the walk each spring.  She’s an internationally acclaimed speaker and life coach who now walks barefoot.

You can learn more about Sue Kenney by reading My Camino, which you can order online at, or by connecting with her on one of her social media sites:

Sue Kenney Official Website
My Camino Book Facebook Page
Suseya Facebook Page

Sue Kenney on Twitter
Sue Kenney on YouTube

Spiritual seekers, backpackers, walkers, hikers, barefoot enthusiasts, adventure travellers and fans of the Camino will undoubtedly enjoy Sue’s work.  If you are any of the above, I encourage you to to read the undeniably inspirational true story that is My Camino.