Bottle Tree Productions Presents: Cinderella – A Christmas Pantomime!


December 6th, 2011
Kingston, Ontario

Bottle Tree Productions presents


Saturday, Dec. 17th @ The Kingston Christian School: matinee 3pm; evening 7 pm tickets $10/children, $12/seniors, $15/adults

Sunday, Dec. 18th @ L’Octave Theatre: Matinee 3pm; evening 7pm, tickets $10/children, $12/seniors, $15/adults

Our holiday offering for 2011 is Cinderella, a tried and true favourite for people of all ages. This fast-paced pantomime is Cinderella with a twist – the Prince is afflicted by a serious condition that only true love can cure!  Familiar characters of the stepmother and stepsisters conspire against Cinderella and she is helped by her Fairy Godmother.  Come see what’s happening at the Palace Ball!

This version of Cinderella was adapted for the stage by Charles Robertson with music and lyrics by popular local musician Michael K Myers.

This year, it’s a family affair!  The talented MacPherson brothers, John and Ian, have already recently starred in two big musicals in Kingston.  John starred in the Kinsmen Production of Footloose where he starred as Ren while Ian played the Artful Dodger in the Meistersingers production of Oliver!  The boys hail from Napanee.

Sara Sturgeon and her brother Eric Sturgeon also recently appeared in Oliver!

Director Anne Marie Mortensen of her experience with Oliver! said, “Ian, Sara and Eric were great to work with.  We feel very lucky to have them perform in Cinderella.  They are very dedicated young actors.  And what’s more to have such a talented young actor as John involved in the show is great.”

Anne Marie’s son Daniel also had played in Oliver!  Her daughter Hannah will add to the festivities by singing before the show.  She recently starred in KCVI’s musical Blood Brothers as Mrs. Johnson.

Co-director Charles Robertson commented that, “Both Daniel and Hannah are very dedicated and talented kids in acting and singing.  They are also extremely high achievers in academics. They have a great work ethic.”  He went on to say, “Each theatrical production creates its own family where oftentimes life-long friendships are formed.  There are never friendships anywhere else like those that are made in theatre.  For a show to work, actors and crew need to be able to trust each other; to be able to pull together as a team.  I think that after a show is done, many performers feel a great sense of loss.  But while it lasts, it’s a wonderful family to belong to.”

Anne Marie Mortensen (Oliver!) and Charles Robertson (Romeo and Juliet) co-direct this family-friendly pantomime version of Cinderella, the rags to riches story of a kind young girl forced to work from morning ‘til night by her mean stepsisters and stepmother.  Forced to wear rags and to sleep not in a bed but by the fireplace, she dreams of meeting the handsome Prince Charming.

But Prince Charming has problems of his own.  Prince Charming has no charm. He is a nerd. Boy is he a nerd!  A fun-filled treat for the whole family! Starring John Macpherson (Ren in Footloose) as the shy and awkward prince, and Sara Sturgeon (Oliver!) as the beautiful and kind-hearted Cinderella. Other cast members include John Farant as the malpractice-waiting-to-happen, Doctor Doc and Khira Wieting and Daniel Powell as the ugly stepsisters.  Try to guess which stepsister is really a girl.  Bryden Trapp is their conniving mother.  Ian Macpherson who starred as the Artful Dodger in Oliver! plays the long suffering servant to the prince.  The boot scene alone is worth the price of admission.

Allyson Foster plays the beautiful Fairy Godmother who has a few magic tricks up her sleeve.  Daniel Smith and Meg Morgan play the king and queen.  Catchy songs and silly dialogue make this a light treat for the Holiday season.  Ian Lamb, Eric Sturgeon, and Ted Mathers also star.  No actors, animals or pumpkins were harmed in this production.  Stage managed by Claire Morgan.  For more information and to purchase tickets please go to

Pre-show entertainment will feature songs by 18 year-old Hannah Smith, who teams up with Alex Whitehead. Her great contralto voice is sure to leave you wanting more.

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Wellington Street Theatre Presents Beauty and the Beast for One Performance Only on July 27th!

One performance only!

The Wellington Street Theatre Project presents Beauty and the Beast at Sydenham Street United Church on Wednesday, July 27th at 2 pm.

General seating tickets are $12/per person and are available online at and or at the door.

Beauty and the Beast
has been adapted for the stage by Charles Robertson, with music and lyrics by Michael K. Myers.  This is one of six fairy tales that Robertson and Myers have collaborated on.  These shows have been seen by thousands of kids across Ontario.

Directed by Anne Marie Mortensen and starring Megan Ready-Walters as Beauty.

Beauty’s father is a merchant whose wealth has been stolen by his unscrupulous partners.  Despondent, he seeks shelter during a storm in a magnificent castle.  In this castle lives a fearsome beast who to spare the merchant’s life makes him promise to send his youngest daughter, Beauty, to live with him.  The Beast is actually a handsome prince who has been the victim of a spell by a jealous witch.  In her heart, Beauty holds the key to set him free.

Director Anne Marie Mortensen says,

“Charles and Michael have created a wonderful story for the whole family.  There is comedy with the three clumsy suitors of Beauty and her two sisters.  There is the magic of the Beast’s castle and this is one of the classic romances in literature.”

She went on to say,

“In Megan Ready-Walters, we have a very talented young actress with a marvelous voice. Megan has recently won an award for her acting at the Sears Drama Festival and she was great as Sandy in K.C.V.I.’s ‘Grease.’  Her performance as the beautiful Lucy in Bottle Tree Productions’ ‘Sweeney Todd’ showed off her singing skills.”

For more on The Wellington Street Theatre Project go to

Bottle Tree Productions International One Act Play Competition For Writers 2011


For Immediate Release
December 30, 2010

Bottle Tree Productions International One Act Play Competition for Writers 2011


Kingston, Ontario, Canada, January 3rd, 2011:

Bottle Tree Productions has launched its third annual International One Act Play Competition for Writers for 2011. It is an international competition for English-speaking playwrights with a top prize of $1,000.

Charles Robertson who organized the contest with company President Anne Marie Mortensen said, “As a writer, I wanted to give a voice to other writers. I very much appreciate the struggle most writers have in getting recognition.” He went on to say, “I wanted to create a platform for pulling together the work of the best unknown writers of the English-speaking world.” Anne Marie Mortensen added that, “We are a business that is interested in the business of writing. Unlike several free competitions, we are not funded by the government or by a university. We are an arts and entertainment business.”

Stepping onto the international stage “has meant a 400% increase in web traffic over the last year,” says Charles. “The internet is a great way to build connections around the world, a great way of finding out that no matter where the writer is from, he or she is essentially on the same page as every other writer. They have a story to tell.”

First prize is $1000. Second prize is $250. Third Prize is $100. Entry fee is $25. Email entries are preferred for environmental and storage reasons.

The contest is open from January 1, 2011 to November 30, 2011 and the winner will be announced in January of 2012.

For more information about Bottle Tree Productions International One Act Play Competition for Writers 2011 you can contact Artistic Director Charles Robertson or President Anne Marie Mortensen at 613-542-0070 or online at

Bottle Tree Productions Presents Sleeping Beauty

For Immediate Release
November 22, 2010
Kingston, Ontario

Bottle Tree Productions presents ‘Sleeping Beauty’ from Wednesday, December 15th to Saturday, December 18th at 7 pm. Saturday and Sunday matinees at 2 pm.

A beautiful princess, an evil fairy and an enchanted castle = a Christmas treat for the whole family!

Bottle Tree Productions presents the musical fairy tale ‘Sleeping Beauty’ at The Wellington Street Theatre.

Tickets are only ten dollars with HST included and are available at Bottle Tree Productions.

Written by Charles Robertson with music and lyrics by Michael K. Myers, the play is “funny and heartwarming” according to director Anne Marie Mortensen.

This version of the popular fairy tale tells how The King and Queen entrust Jack, the Royal Messenger, with some very important invitations for the christening of the royal princess, but Jack has made a big mistake. He has forgotten to invite the evil fairy Carabasse.

Carabasse casts a spell on the princess which causes her to fall asleep for a hundred years. The palace and everyone in it is put into an enchanted sleep as well. Carabasse covers the palace with a menacing wall of thorns and only the bravery of a King’s son can rescue the princess and everyone inside. Jack, the Princess, the fairies and a host of others tell this entertaining story in one act. Perfect for everyone who loves a happily ever after story. For more information see more about Sleeping Beauty.

The magic, music and fun stars Dana Lynn Farrell as Sleeping Beauty; Davin Allan as the King; Khira Weiting as the Queen; Cameron Watson as Jack; Allyson Foster as the evil fairy Carabasse; Alex Whitehead as the handsome prince; Michela Kaduck as the foolish fairy, Fauna; and Kira Meyers-Guiden as the good fairy, Flora.

All tickets $10 HST included. Purchase Tickets here.