Welcome Kingston Author Brian Howald To The World Wide Web

Last February, I started working as an “administrative manager” for Kingston, Ontario author Brian Howald of Bookworm Literary Productions.  Brian, who is the author of no less than seven books (incl. The Chopper of Lucy Electra and The Blue of Capricorn) with more to come, hired me to secure his ISBN & CIP numbers for his two latest books as well as to type up query letters to publishers and later to make edits to the manuscript of his latest book, Inside Looking Out.

Brian, who was born in 1963 on the day of Sylvia Plath’s suicide, is not in love with the 21st century and isn’t comfortable with computers so he still writes his books in long hand in spiral notebooks.  While I was making the edits to Inside Looking Out, I read the story and discovered that although it’s not the kind of book I normally read, it’s really quite good!  It’s an adventure/suspense story set in World War II and based on three British inmates at a German prison camp.

Far removed from his duty as an RAF courier pilot, Terry Lange’s seaplane is shot down by the Luftwaffe during Dunkirk rescue efforts.  Lange soon ends up behind bars, an enemy of the Third Reich, and later meets Pete Foley at a P.O.W. compound in Klagenfurt.  A friendship develops between the two and not long after, at a prison farm in Breslau, a daring escape plot is hatched.

Its authentic characters and locations, as well as good narrative and humour, gives Inside Looking Out an edge and I thought that it was about time that Brian Howald put himself on the internet so that the public has a chance to discover his works and a place through which to purchase them.

It took a LOT of encouragement to convince Brian that it was a shame for him to write so many books and not have a website or an online presence so he finally agreed earlier this year that he would like to start with a website and asked if I could create one for him.  I explained that my website design expertise is sadly limited to that of the free WordPress variety but he said that would be fine for him so I proceeded to create one for him.  And I’m going to teach him how to use it!

Drum roll please…presenting http://brianhowald.wordpress.com

After much careful deliberation, Brian has published his very first blog, titled Alice Meets Pandora.  I’m very proud of him for stepping way out of his comfort zone and taking the leap into cyberspace.  So please join me in welcoming author Brian Howald to the World Wide Web!