Rates & Services

I charge an hourly rate based on words converted to pages because it is more cost-effective for the author than a per word count. All rates are in Canadian dollars.

You can pay using Interac e-Transfer or Paypal.

Log on to PayPal and use the following email address as the recipient: bodaciouscopy@gmail.com.

Call me for a quote at +1-613-453-2419 or email me at the address above.


I edit using The Chicago Manual of Style (17th Edition) as the style guide, the Merriam-Webster Dictionary and work with Microsoft WORD’s Track Changes.

Copyediting – $35/hr.

(double spacing / 7-10 pages per hour)

This service includes correcting grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalizations, abbreviations, verb agreement and typographical errors, pointing out continuity issues, and fact-checking. In addition, you will receive your document/manuscript with tracked changes and comments.

Line Editing / Content Copyediting – $40/hr.

(double spacing / 4-7 pages per hour)

This service includes everything in my Copyediting service and optimizes your prose by correcting sentence-level issues, including word choice, syntax, diction, style, clarity, and flow. It also includes pointing out structure flaws in your manuscript, continuity issues, and fact-checking. Changes enhance your voice, changing it from passive to active when required. It includes References, Footnotes, and End Notes. You will receive your document/manuscript with tracked changes and comments.

Proofreading – $30/hr.

(double spacing / 7-10 pages per hour)

I will read and mark corrections in your proof, ensuring that your work is impeccable.

I proofread:

  • Manuscripts
  • White papers
  • Legal documents
  • Medical reports
  • Architectural & Engineering specifications
  • Websites
  • Press releases
  • Curricula Vitae
  • Album liner notes

Twitter Marketing & Management

Twitter marketing plan – $120

Twitter tutorials via Skype or Zoom – $60/hr.

Minimum package for Twitter management – $400/mo.

*Please note that this is just enough to keep you looking active on Twitter and you write your tweets.

Bodacious Copy guarantees confidentiality and no data collected is ever shared with anyone else without your consent. Minimal data is required for invoicing.