Blooming Verses: Poems about Life and Wisdom by Kwasi Gyeabour

Poetry Book Review

Title: Blooming Verses: Poems about Life and Wisdom
Author:  Kwasi Gyeabour
Publisher: Independent
Released: April 22, 2023
Pages: 119
Stars: 5.0

I have been struggling with depression recently because of a chronic pain battle with rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia, not to mention financial instability due to the cost of living. Constantly trying new meds and weaning off others, I’ve felt like I was losing my mind. So to read splendid words like these, full of light, hope, beauty, and wisdom, in the face of adversity, I feel gratitude. I feel my strength and resilience resurfacing, and even better, I am encouraged to write more heart-based, soulful poetry to help inspire others the way Kwasi Gyeabour has inspired me.

First, the cover is eye-catching and gorgeous! Perfection. The book’s interior is painted with wisdom, heart, love, and sage advice, and there is not one throwaway verse here. This is an exquisite collection of poetry that everyone should own and re-read often! There is a reason this book is the #1 New Release in African Poetry on Amazon. This poet is the human I aspire to become.

These gifts are among my favourites in Blooming Verses: Poems about Life and Wisdom: “Home,” “Wisdom of the Senses,” “Viva La Revolution,” “Stay Weird,” “The Way,” “The Tree of Life,” “Anthology of Wisdom,” “The Assignment,” “Power Over Self,” “Unraveling the Labyrinth,” “The Pain in Your Rise,” “The Shining,” “Nature’s Example,” “Value You,” “The Truth and the Life,” and “Reckless Captains.”

So, if you require reassurance that divine, positive, spiritually evolved souls are inhabiting our planet, buy this book and read it. If you yearn for connection so you feel less alone, buy this book, and read it. If you need to be reminded of the love of humanity, buy this book, and read it. For it will rain on the drought in your garden, slake the thirst of your stalk, and emblazon your bulb to bloom.

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