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POETRY: “Oh, Eloise” by Christine Bode 


Oh, Eloise

A song-like poem by ©Christine Bode 2022

Oh, Eloise
The way you wail on your squeaky purple pig
When I’m talking on the telephone
Although you’re never ever alone
And you don’t want to play with me
My silly Eloise

Oh, Eloise
The way you carry big sticks, so proud
Then you roll over them on the ground
Getting covered in dirt, twigs and leaves
Rise to your feet and shake them free
My earthy Eloise

Oh, Eloise
Every spring, you live for bunny patrol
You cannot wait for our evening strolls
So alert, you seem kinda high
You stalk those bunnies with surprise
My stealthy Eloise

Oh, Eloise
The way you greet Molly and Daisy on the street
I wish you showed such joy for me
But you often act indifferently
You wag your tail for them, and my emotions sing
My playful Eloise

Oh, Eloise
The way you jump all over Aunties Tracie and Jen
You crazy tease, can’t get enough of them
You just want to lick their ears
Break their jewellery and make them sneeze
My charming Eloise

Oh, Eloise
When I’m on the porcelain throne
With my elbows on my knees
You stare at me and, with your eyes, beseech
Are we going to go outside now?
My yearning Eloise

Oh, Eloise
The way you stick your nose out the window of a car
Even if we’re not going very far
But we might go to a park, and you’re as happy as a lark
Merrier than in our home in your Doodle Zen zone
My happy Eloise

Oh, Eloise
You break my heart to please you
When I take you to the dog park
You hide under the bench, away from big male dogs
But when a bitch accepts your impish bow, it’s playtime now
My choosy Eloise

Oh, Eloise
The way you hide under the bistro table
When we’re all alone at home
Even if I offer you chicken or a piece of cheese
You won’t come out; you’re just that frustrating
My weirdo Eloise

Oh, Eloise
The way you watch Nature shows with me
Focus on mammals and walk up to the TV
David Attenborough’s is your favourite voice
Like, I even have a choice
My quirky Eloise

Oh, Eloise
I’m sorry for comparing you to Scully
You never stood a chance of filling her furry pants
That companion legacy is over now
And you just don’t know how
My distinctive Eloise

Oh, Eloise
You can’t live up to ill-judged plans
That you don’t even understand
Because you’re just another pooch
With quirks like smelling every girl’s cooch
My miscreant Eloise

Oh, Eloise
Your sensitive digestion drives me to my knees
Along with your separation anxiety
But I wouldn’t trade you now
Stop caring; I don’t know how!
My needy Eloise

Oh, Eloise
Panting and vomiting bile, diarrhea every few hours
For two nights in a row, my worry’s starting to grow
Tell me, what can I do for you
When it is now a quarter to two?
My boney Eloise

Oh, Eloise
You are my life; you are my prayer
Please stay with me
I love you and want you here
I never meant I wanted you to leave
My poor baby Eloise

Oh, Eloise
It’s our third anniversary of being
Housemates who must surrender to fate although
This isn’t what I had planned
When I named you after a cover song by The Damned
My only Eloise

Oh, Eloise
I swear I love you; you’re my reason for getting out of bed
I couldn’t bear it if you were dead
So sweet girl, puh-lease heed my pleas
We’re off to see the vet ’cause I need you here with me
My darling Eloise

A Surprise Visit by Boris Glikman 

Creative Writing

A Surprise Visit by Boris Glikman

An Eastern Water Dragon crawls up close while I sit at a small folding table next to the camping tent.

Billions of years of evolution separate us; I arrived into this world more or less fully formed, while it arrived as a gelatinous mass inside an egg, and its lineage stretches back to the time of the dinosaurs, innumerably many eggs ago.

I see its little chest expanding, the loose, thin skin lifting up and falling down. Despite its bizarreness, it, too, needs to breathe, and that is an intimate connection between us. Despite our unbridgeable, irreconcilable differences, we both are living beings existing at the same time in the same place, and we both need the same air in order to survive. It wants to go on living, and so do I, and so we both keep on breathing.

The imperious look in its eyes, the way it carries itself with such serenity and poise, the way it deliberately slithered up so near to me, the way it just sits there, imperturbably calm, stuck in the same pose like a rock, lost in its own weighty contemplations and haughtily ignoring my presence—all this is so different from the instinctive fear and panicky fleeing that most wild animals exhibit when they find themselves in man’s presence.

This must be how dinosaurs conducted themselves when they ruled the world. Now, this little lizard is mirroring the behaviour of its ancient colossal ancestors, as if millions of years have not passed and this is still the Age of the Reptiles; as if it is this lizard that is towering over me rather than me towering over it. It may be small now, but in its mind, it is still a dinosaur, for one can never forget or let go of one’s glory days, no matter how long ago they were.

After studiously disregarding me for what seems like an eternity, it crawls up a short distance and positions its body so that its head is exactly in line with mine. Slowly it lifts its head and looks directly into my eyes, and as our eyes meet, that inconceivable evolutionary distance between us is erased in an instant.

It stares at me searchingly—how must I appear in its eyes? How strange must my bodily construction seem to it? Perhaps it is trying to get a better look at this curious, grotesque creature which is in front of it? Or maybe it is trying to better show off its alien beauty to me, for it can sense how much in awe of it I am?

How to Follow Boris:

POETRY: “Acquiescence” by Christine Bode 

Colours and emotions by Christian Kortum

Summer sunset on the shores around Hvidbjerg Strand, Jylland, Denmark



A poem by ©Christine Bode 2022

I do not mean to hurt you with my pain;
I’m trying to manage it, six ways to Sunday.

Some days, I succeed, and some days I fail,
And some days, I simply feel trapped in this jail.

Anxiety and depression run in my family;
For years, I lived elsewhere, attempting to run away.

Don’t know how to thrive and escape this gloom,
As I will not get to Europe anytime soon.

I must surrender and make the best of what Kingston can offer;
So acquiescence and submission I’ll proffer.

I can relate to John Prine’s Lost Dogs and Mixed Blessings;
I’ll look for beauty and hope in Send in the Clown’s window dressing.

Although all I ever wanted was love, actually;
I received it, just not the way I had hoped, factually.

Another thing I must surrender to and accept;
Give thanks for the blessings and garbage the rest.

Read more poetry by Christine Bode in Eden Refugee and Eden Redefined.

Eden Redefined is available on:

Amazon (Paperback) CDN $14.99:

Amazon (Kindle) CDN $8.99:

Eden Refugee is available on:

Amazon (Paperback) CDN $14.99:

Amazon (Kindle) CDN $8.99:

My First Book Signing Event 

My First Book Signing Event at Hudson’s Bay Kingston’s Giving Back is Gorgeous Beauty Event

I was thrilled to be asked to participate in the Hudson’s Bay Kingston’s Giving Back is Gorgeous Beauty Event fundraiser on Saturday, November 12, 2022. An employee of The Bay is a long-time Instagram friend and she, Carole Letourneau, graciously invited me to participate as a local author. It was my first book signing event for the two poetry books I wrote and recently published, Eden Redefined and Eden Refugee, and I had a blast!

It was beautiful to be a part of a community event that raised funds for the Hudson’s Bay Foundation’s Charter for Change, which is working to address racial inequality by investing in education, employment and empowerment opportunities for Indigenous Peoples, Black People, and People of Colour. Over the years, I have worked with and supported fabulously talented people from the BIPOC community. I may have no real idea what it is like to not be a middle-class white woman, but I have dealt with prejudices that fall outside of the colour of my skin, and I believe everyone has the right to education, employment, equality, and empowerment.

As I celebrate the release of my new poetry book, Eden Redefined, I hope that people of all colours and cultures can find something to relate to within its pages.

I’m grateful to my family and friends who came to see me and purchase my book at The Bay, and to local author and friend Angela Stever, for inspiring me through her publishing journey. She wrote a fantastic young adult fantasy fiction novel called Conquering the Divide: The Legend of Barsicon, which I read and appreciated.

Support your local vendors and artisans whenever you can, and if you’re a poetry lover, I hope to see you at a future book signing event.

Christine Bode’s poetry series brings a new sense of honesty that is true to her soul. In her latest publication Eden Redefined, Bode unveils a captivating journey that is mysterious and alluring. In fact, her poetic words cast a magical spell where readers can immediately see themselves in a different light. While many poets apply a literal use of light and darkness, Bode’s metaphorical ways of telling deep, personal stories naturally illuminate the shades and obscurities of life. I can envision her poetry becoming independent films and video stories as her words already have a cinematic quality and contribute to the broader arts community.

~ Dr Samita Nandy, Director, Centre for Media and Celebrity Studies, Actor, American Academy of Dramatic Arts (LA)

Eden Redefined is available on:

Amazon (Paperback) CDN $14.99:
Amazon (Kindle) CDN $8.99:
Contact Christine Bode at her website:

Eden Refugee
is available on:

Amazon (Paperback) CDN $14.99:
Amazon (Kindle) CDN $8.99:

The F Book: 7 Fs to Creating Your Fantastic Future by Lynn Rae 

Nonfiction Book Review

Title: The F Book: 7 Fs to Creating Your Fantastic Future
Author:  Lynn Rae
Publisher: Self-published
Released: 2022
Pages: 215
ISBN-13: 978-17782410-0-0
Stars:  5.00

I don’t often write reviews for books I’ve had the pleasure of editing, but I’m making an exception in this case. The F Book: 7 Fs to Creating Your Fantastic Future by Lynn Rae is exceptional and noteworthy, not because I edited it, but because the author has written a guide for reinventing yourself so that you can be happy and abundant in all the significant areas of your life, including Faith, Finances, Fulfillment, Fitness, Fun, Friends and Family—not unlike the work taught by The Oola Guys (whom I hadn’t heard about until I started editing many self-help books).

Lynn Rae managed to apply the principles in this book in her life to overcome bipolar disorder and transform her life. When two psychiatrists told Lynn, at the age of thirty-nine, that she would never work full-time again, she proved them wrong. Instead, Lynn has created a flourishing business as a success coach and inspirational speaker and is now the author of a terrific book. Lynn’s desire to recover and lead by example, her children and anyone who resonates with her story is evidence of the power of positive thinking and implementing the concepts she shares in The F Book. Sometimes the School of Life is the best teacher.

While editing the book earlier this year, along with its companion book, The F Book Workbook, I learned something that directly impacted my life. I literally stopped editing when I came to the section about Finances, something I have struggled with for most of my life. Lynn mentioned that “many credit card companies will lower the interest rate we pay on our credit cards with just a phone call.” I had no idea. I immediately called my credit card companies. I cancelled one credit card I realized I no longer needed and asked the other company if they would be able to lower my interest rate as I have never missed a payment. They did! The interest rate on that credit card went from almost 20 percent to 10 percent with one phone call. Lynn also asks readers to take a test to help us identify where we are with our finances and gives us excellent advice on how to better manage them. She also includes a sample budget worth its weight in gold for those struggling with budgeting. That one chapter alone has made a difference in my life. There is a wealth of riches within its pages, and I will revisit and work towards implementing them.

As Lynn states in the Introduction of The F Book, “There are many books about becoming a millionaire, having a better marriage, raising your children, and getting the best job in the world. In addition, there are books about faith and spirituality, exercise, proper nutrition, how to turn your hobby into your career and how to make friends. I put the best information on these topics into one book.” And she has! The F Book also contains captivating quotes, poems, and well-known relatable prose. In addition, she shares personal stories, anecdotes, and tests so that we know she has been there and we can determine in what areas of our lives we can improve.

Lynn Rae also reminds us that “No one can make you feel less of a person except yourself” and “The only person I can count on to be there for me 100 percent of the time is me,” two truths I have come to learn as well. 

If you read The F Book: 7 Fs to Creating Your Fantastic Future and apply its wisdom to your life, you will undoubtedly be happier, healthier, and more fulfilled.

Connect with Lynn Rae at My Journey Back to Myself.

3x JUNO Nominees / 4x CFMA-Winning Canadian Global Music Supergroup Sultans of String Celebrate... 

Press Release for Film “Sultans of String: The Refuge Project – Visual Album”

Sultans of String are excited about the first screenings of their feature-length film “Sultans of String: The Refuge Project – Visual Album” – their pandemic project that just won at the Cannes World Film Festival, Best Istanbul Film Festival, and was selected for the Vancouver Independent, Scarab, and Folk in Film Festivals. Come join their Cast and Crew party, and celebrate their recent wins with a film screening, as well as another birthday “year around the sun” for bandleader Chris McKhool, all while raising donations for a good cause!

TORONTO: Sunday, November 20, 2022

Doors at 6:00 p.m., Film at 7:00 p.m. sharp. 

Tranzac Main Hall, 292 Brunswick Ave, Toronto, ON M5S 2M7


All admission proceeds from Toronto show after hall rental costs are donated to the UN Refugee Agency for their life-saving programming. Sultans of String have raised more than $10,000 so far!

HAMILTON: Thursday, December 8  

Doors at 6:00 p.m., Film at 7:00 p.m. sharp. 

The Westdale Theatre, 1014 King St W, Hamilton, ON L8S 1L4


The film is 95 minutes long, and screenings will be followed by a chat! The film includes songs from Refuge and Sanctuary, which are up for four Canadian Folk Music Awards!


Sultans of String: The Refuge Project – Visual Album. Mixed in full Dolby Atmos, this ambitious, diverse, inclusive, and passionately political film puts NY Times and Billboard-charting world music supergroup Sultans of String face-to-face with a VIP roster of global ‘ambassadors,’ some of whom are recent immigrants and refugees to Canada and the U.S., as well as essential Indigenous voices. All are masters of world music that communicate with each other through the global language of music.

Addressing the struggles of life on Mother Earth has always inspired this band. In Sultans of String: The Refuge Project – Visual Album, they bring their unique brand of musical synergy and collaboration to bear on discussion and songs that speak to the challenges facing the world’s displaced peoples—their stories, their songs, their persistence and their humanity.

Joined by an international cast, this three-time JUNO-nominated band immerses themselves in the plight of the international refugee and the humanitarian response that should greet everyone in search of a home.
Bandleader Chris McKhool explains, “The larger Refuge Project is centred around the positive contributions of refugees and new immigrants to Canada. We are bringing in special guests that are newcomers to this land, as well as global talents that have been ambassadors for peace. We wish to celebrate the successes of those who make the journey here and bring their extraordinary talents with them, in this case, music. Each one of us has a remarkable story to tell, and we are excited to share the beauty of these collaborations with you.”

The Refuge Project features stellar performances by Ahmed Moneka and Imad Al Taha, refugees from Iraq, Syrian refugee Leen Hamo, Donné Roberts from Madagascar with partner Yukiko Tsutsui from Japan, Algeria’s Fethi Nadjem, Colombian refugee Juan Carlos Medrano, Iran’s Padideh Ahrarnejad, Romani Nyckelharpa player Saskia Tomkins, tabla player Ravi Naimpally from India, sitar player Anwar Khurshid from Pakistan, string ensemble Gundem Yayli Grubu from Istanbul, and many, many more, including an orchestral version of “The Power of the Land” featuring Indigenous performers Duke Redbird and Twin Flames.

“The true inspiration behind these albums and film is the incredible artists we get to collaborate with,” says McKhool. “We learn so much from these diverse voices, and each one of them is so personally inspiring. As Ahmed Moneka, an artist and refugee from Iraq, says, ‘Love is the main reason for a great future,” and we are so privileged to be able to collaborate with so many incredible voices on this project.”

“Energetic and exciting music fest from a band with talent to burn… the very epitome of world music: no boundaries, no rules!” – Maverick Music Magazine, UK

Refuge Project Sizzle Reel – Summer in Tehranto:


Nov 12 Deep Gap NC • Songs From the Wood Concerts
Nov 13 Black Mountain NC • White Horse Black Mountain
Nov 15 Sandersville GA • Live on Stage
Nov 17 Morgan City LA • Schreier Theatre
Nov 20 Toronto ON • Tranzac Club Film Screening 
Nov 26 Owen Sound ON • Harmony Centre – Christmas Caravan
Nov 27 Kitchener ON • Registry Theatre – Sanctuary (The Refuge Project)
Dec 2 Highgate ON • Mary Webb Centre – Christmas Caravan
Dec 04 Gravenhurst ON • Gravenhurst Opera House – Christmas Caravan
Dec 8 Hamilton ON • The Westdale Film Screening 
Dec 10 St Catharines ON • FirstOntario PAC with Niagara Symphony – Christmas Caravan
Dec 11 St Catharines ON • FirstOntario PAC with Niagara Symphony – Christmas Caravan
Dec 15 Willow Street PA • Willow Valley Cultural Center – Christmas Caravan – SOLD OUT
Dec 17 Midland ON • Brookside Music – Christmas Caravan
Dec 18 Kleinburg ON • The McMichael Gallery – Christmas Caravan
Dec 19 Ottawa ON • Algonquin Theatre – Christmas Caravan
Dec 20 Cobourg ON • Concert Hall at Victoria Hall – Christmas Caravan
Dec 21 Toronto ON • Kingston Road Village Concert Series – Christmas Caravan

MORE ABOUT SULTANS OF STRING: Bandleader Chris McKhool (Makhoul in Lebanon) has an Egyptian-born mother who happened to play piano, teach classical theory, and feed her young son as much Middle Eastern cuisine as she did music lessons. From there, the powerful violinist developed a taste for multi-genre string sounds and found a like-minded crew of all-world enthusiasts. When McKhool first heard founding guitarist Kevin Laliberté’s rumba rhythm, their musical synergy created Sultans of String’s signature sound—the intimate and playful relationship between violin and guitar. From this rich foundation, the dynamic duo grew, featuring such amazing musical friends as in-the-pocket bass master Drew Birston and the jaw-dropping beats of percussionist Chendy Leon.

Their live resume is similarly stellar. Equally at home in a concert hall, folk and jazz club or festival setting, the Sultans have gigged at JUNOfest, the legendary club Birdland in New York, Celtic Connections Festival (Glasgow) and London’s Trafalgar Square. They have sold out Koerner Hall three times (Toronto’s Carnegie Hall) and performed with the Annapolis, Toronto, Vancouver, and Edmonton Symphony Orchestras. They have played live on CBC’s Canada Live, BBC Radio, BBC TV, Irish National Radio, and the syndicated World Café, Woodsongs, and SiriusXM in Washington. Sultans of String’s musicianship and versatility are also showcased in collaborations with such diverse luminaries as Paddy Moloney & The Chieftains, Sweet Honey in The Rock, Richard Bona (Paul Simon), Alex Cuba, Ruben Blades, Yasmin Levy, Benoit Bourque, Béla Fleck, Crystal Shawanda & Ken Whiteley.  

Thanks to the generous support of funding agencies:

This recording was supported by the Toronto Arts Council with funding from the City of Toronto.

We would like to acknowledge funding support from the Ontario Arts Council, an agency of the Government of Ontario.   

We would like to acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.

This project is funded in part by FACTOR, the Government of Canada and Canada’s private radio broadcasters.

For more information, please contact: 
Eric Alper
Publicist  I  Music Commentator  I  Shameless Idealist

POETRY: “Endpoint” by Christine Bode 

Image by Marwan Nazeer



A poem by ©Christine Bode 2022

This epoch’s information inundation’s now acute;

devouring knowledge like pecan brownies until I need to puke.

Overwhelmed with info in the social media age;

watch decent people hurtling into an unrelenting rage.

It’s so hard to distinguish what is real from what is fake;

so be careful what you say, or they will burn you at the stake.

It’s fatiguing to put up with another’s conflicting views;

just cannot read another doomsday headline in the news.

Work-at-home isolation turned me into a sad, anxious hermit;

she shouts tough love at me on the phone, but I don’t have the bandwidth.

If we can’t learn to live and let live with distinct viewpoints,

and we can’t grasp how to figure it out, it will be our endpoint.


Read more poetry by Christine Bode in Eden Refugee and Eden Redefined.

Eden Redefined is available on:

Amazon (Paperback) CDN $14.99:

Amazon (Kindle) CDN $8.99:

Eden Refugee is available on:

Amazon (Paperback) CDN $14.99:

Amazon (Kindle) CDN $8.99:

The 5 Critical Cs of Writing 

The 5 Cs of Critical Writing

The answer is less a matter of word count than making your words count. It’s what I call the 5 Cs of critical writing. At the risk of turning away those readers who vote for brevity, they are pared down to tweet size.

1. Be Clear. Use short, crisp sentences as your building blocks. Use active verbs and avoid adjective overkill, jargon, and acronyms.

2. Be Correct. Ensure quotes are accurate and attributed to the right speaker, and use only reliable sources for background information.

3. Be Concise. Put your writing on a Low-Fat Diet. Be precise and avoid run-on sentences. Guard against linguistic fat traps like of, due to the fact, the majority of, despite the fact, or to be.

4. Be Comprehensive. Conciseness is a linguistic virtue, but it should never come at the cost of imprecision. A word left out of a sentence can often distract or confuse.

5. Be Compelling. A compelling review immediately grabs attention, reads smoothly and without reliance on cliched phrases, and leaves the reader with a snap, crackle, and pop windup.

Always keep these five points in mind when you are writing.

Kingston Author Releases a New Collection of Audacious Poetry That Breathes Compassion and Rages... 


Kingston author releases a new collection of audacious poetry that breathes compassion and rages against what disconnects us in her new book, Eden Redefined.

Kingston, ON – October 31, 2022

In her latest collection of audacious poetry, Eden Redefined, Christine Bode bares her soul, teasing every sense by revealing her life as an existential mud wrestler. Eden Redefinedintimately contemplates grief, human vampires, spiritual growth, love in its many guises, pandemic isolation, and the madness of the 21st century.

Born and raised in Kingston, Ontario, Christine Bode’s first poem, about Shaun Cassidy, was published by Scholastic Book Services in Rock’s Biggest Ten and in 16 Magazine in 1978. Encouraged by a letter from Bob Geldof in 1987, mentored in the 2000s by Companion of the Order of Canada, Patrick Watson, and a review of her first poetry book, Eden Refugee, by Grammy Award-winning filmmaker Tom DiCillo, who said, “…it is blatantly obvious to me that Christine Bode has created an achingly beautiful piece of art here,” she continues to write poems with “the pulse of life in them.”

Bode’s work has been published in The Kingston Whig-Standard, Toronto Sun, and various American poetry presses such as New York Poetry Foundation, Inc., The Poetry Center, and American Poets Society.

I have been writing poetry and prose since I was a teenager as a means of self-expression and self-therapy. I have learned that no matter our life circumstances, we can develop resilience and grow spiritually through the creative process,” says Bode.

An empath and truth seeker, she encourages people to question everything while remaining authentic. Christine has worked for fourteen years as a copy editor and social media manager for musicians and authors through her business, Bodacious Copy. She lives in Kingston with her Goldendoodle, Eloise.

What readers are saying:

“From the ravages of limerence to teaching an alien about the taste of pumpernickel, this little book bears the weight of the world. The poems breathe compassion, for self and others, and rage against what disconnects us…” – Cathrin Hagey, Writer and Editor


Full of passion, vitality, boldness, and inspiration Eden Redefined is as startling and audacious in its themes and concepts as it is beautiful and emotive in its language. Brilliant and brave poet Christine Bode knows how to capture the heart like a butterfly in the palm. This vibrant, courageous, and gripping collection of poetry will remind the reader of the frailty of love, life, and happiness and why that fragility is worth experiencing for all its nebulousness.” –  P.L. Stuart, Author 


Eden Redefined is available on:

Amazon (Paperback) CDN $14.99:

Amazon (Kindle) CDN $8.99:

Contact Christine Bode at her website:

Eden Refugee
is available on:

Amazon (Paperback) CDN $14.99:

Amazon (Kindle) CDN $8.99:

Two Volumes of Poetry and a New Website for Christine Bode of Bodacious Copy 

Calling All Poetry Fans!

Hi everyone,

I have exciting news to share. I’m releasing the third edition of my first poetry collection, Eden Refugee (newly edited, with a beautiful new cover and quote reviews), and my second volume, Eden Redefined, on my favourite holiday of the year, Halloween! Ten days from today! So, if you like visceral, lyrical or street poetry that speaks to the human condition, you might enjoy my books. I’ll be sure to share the links to them on Amazon in a new blog on publishing day.

Here are a couple of early reviews for Eden Redefined:

“Full of passion, vitality, boldness, and inspiration Eden Redefined is as startling and audacious in its themes and concepts as it is beautiful and emotive in its language. Brilliant and brave poet Christine Bode knows how to capture the heart like a butterfly in the palm. This vibrant, courageous, and gripping collection of poetry will remind the reader of the frailty of love, life, and happiness and why that fragility is worth experiencing for all its nebulousness.” ~ P.L. Stuart, Author 

“From the ravages of limerence to teaching an alien about the taste of pumpernickel, this little book bears the weight of the world. The poems breathe compassion, for self and others, and rage against what disconnects us. Christine writes, “No one was ever there…” But she set her heart and soul on these pages, and I am here for it.” ~ Cathrin Hagey, Writer and Editor

Huge thanks to Dawn James of Publish and Promote for the interior and cover design of the books, Amazon SEO, and for cheering me on.

My dear subscribers, I also have a new website on Bandzoogle at Bodacious Copy, and you can sign up for my mailing list there to receive a free 1,000-word edit.

I will retire this blog over the next few months and use the one on the Bandzoogle platform, so if you want to receive my news and reviews and writing, editing, and publishing tips, please join me and share this with your friends who may be interested!

With love and gratitude,
Christine xox