Anslem Douglas Releases Official Video For ‘Boom Boom’


Anslem Douglas - Boom Boom Official VideoOn Monday, February 3, 2014, my client Anslem Douglas released the official video for his single ‘Boom Boom’ produced by Kingdomhouse Films on Synergy in Trinidad. ‘Boom Boom’ features Anslem with a bevvy of sexy women clad in bikinis on a gorgeous Trinidad beach. Is it all just a dream? Let’s just say that there’s a whole lot of booty shakin’ going on!

Anslem is currently participating in the International Soca Monarch in Trinidad and will be performing on Sunday in the Semi-Finals in the Power Soca category in the 26th place. He has also written a new Power Soca song for Carnival 2014 called ‘Broughtupcy’ that you can download now for free at


You can view ‘Boom Boom’ on Anslem’s YouTube channel at We hope you’ll share this video with your friends and please leave your comments on YouTube. Thanks!


My Pet Dumbo Rat Rowan’s Very Special Easter Gift!

Two week old rats, photo by Maria Offin PhotographyI don’t usually blog about things going on in my personal life or even the fact that I’m a big animal lover, but to be honest, this is just too special to not share with you!

For those of you who don’t know, I have a six-year-old, female Goldendoodle named Scully (after Dana Scully on The X-Files, on which I was an extra way back in 1994, Season 2, Red Museum episode) and two rats.  I’ve had pet rats since May 2009 when my then six-year-old niece and nephew, who are twins, Erika & Ethan, convinced me that I should get some so that they could play with them when they came to visit me. As a child, my father let my sisters and I have all kinds of pets, and my sister Karen has quite a few for Erika & Ethan.  I love mammals so I went for it.

On January 23, 2013, I bought my 5th pet rat (they only live for

Dumbo rat Rowan
Rowan the day before she delivered.

about 2-3 years +/-), a beautiful white & black hooded Dumbo and called “him” Rowan. I thought Rowan was a male as that’s what I asked the staff for at The Pet Store in Kingston where I bought “him”.  The Pet Store in the Cataraqui Town Centre does not separate its baby male and female rats, which is very irresponsible, and apparently not all of its staff know how to tell the sex of a rat either.

Two weeks later I decided that Rowan needed a friend and on February 7, 2013, I bought a male Fancy rat and called him Lestat (both names are from Anne Rice novels).  Rowan and Lestat lived contentedly together for a while until one evening I noticed Lestat mounting Rowan.  UH OH!!!  I had my suspicions that Rowan wasn’t a boy and sure enough, she’s not!

On Easter Sunday, Rowan delivered 11 baby rats, which are called “kittens” or “pinkies” (that a Facebook friend commented looked a lot “like marzipan” and I have been keeping a photo diary of their

11 pinkies born on March 31st.

development ever since.  I’ve learned all kinds of things about baby rats that I didn’t know before.  For example, those tiny white bands across the pinkies’ abdomens indicate that they were nursing and had received their mother’s colostrum, which is very important.

Rowan has been a superb mother and has nursed all 11 in her litter to good health.  There are six blonde & white hooded ones that look like their dad, four black & white hooded ones that look like their mom, and one mostly white female with black specks on her head that’s unusual and the runt (I’m keeping this one and call her Claudia.).  They are now two weeks old and have just opened their eyes. They’ve grown so fast and are super cute!

Yesterday, Maria Offin of Maria Offin Photography came over with her three children to decide which babies they would like to adopt into their home as their new pets.  They picked two beautiful male youngsters, one blonde hooded and one black hooded and they’ll be able to take them home in a little over two weeks time, once they’ve been weaned and can eat solid food.  My nephew Ethan’s friend Jason and his mother Holly and his sisters came over to pick out two wee male ratties to be their new pets too.  There are seven males and four females in the litter.

Maria is an excellent photographer and she took these wonderful photos of Rowan, Lestat and their family that I just had to share with you.  Please take a look at her Facebook page and LIKE it if the spirit moves you.

The good news is that I’ve found loving homes for all of them but one, so far! I’m going to keep at least one of each sex so that they can be companions for their parents who can no longer live together in the same cage.

This has been an unexpected but absolutely wonderful experience and I highly recommend rats as pets, especially to people who live in apartments and don’t have enough room or time for a dog or cat. Rats are very smart, sociable and sweet and make for excellent companions!

You can learn more about rats and other interesting rodents in The Rodent Reader Quarterly magazine, published by my friend Mil Scott, who has been a superb source of inspiration, encouragement and support to me and thousands of other rat lovers.

Rowan rat
Lestat and one of his progeny
Lestat and one of his progeny
The Offin Family’s Choice
Claudia, the unusual runt that I will keep!
Scully says hello to baby “Elvis”
Philip with a handful of rattie love!
Philip with a handful of rattie love!
A bundle of Easter love
A bundle of Easter goodness
Rowan's Rogues
Rowan’s Rogues

Learn How To Perfect Your Pinterest Profile Now!

Christine Bode Pinterest profile“Expressing passion for a hobby is just as easy as browsing for your next purchase. But what’s even more addictive about the site — a collection of collections — is that it’s just as much about the users as it is what they’ve posted.” ~ MASHABLE

Just last week, I discovered the reason why Pinterest is the fastest growing social media site ever!  Since 2010, Pinterest has gained over 11 million users and it’s growing like wildfire every day.  I looked at the Google analytics for Pinterest and in one month it grew by over 100%.  I also found out why so many people have become addicted to Pinterest because I became one of them.  Pinterest’s audience is 97% female.

I’ve read quite a few posts lately by social media experts about the fact that Pinterest is all the rage and that anyone who is marketing with social media should not overlook it.  This platform makes sharing of images super easy and it has proven to drive traffic back to the websites the images are linked to, extremely well.  In a recent techie report that I read, Pinterest was found to be a BETTER traffic referrer than YouTube, Reddit, LinkedIn, MySpace or Google+ combined!  I prefer it to all of those sites, although I enjoy YouTube very much.

Pinterest is a collection of online pin boards (think scrapbook) on which you pin images and add descriptions, links and hashtags that direct people back to their original source.  It’s entirely captivating for visually oriented individuals and the possibilities for self-expression are endless, not to mention the fact that it’s so much fun!

On Pinterest you have followers (like on Twitter) and you can follow people or just their boards, in return.  Users can comment on the images and you can include links & hashtags like we do on Twitter to direct someone to a specific website or to aid in a keyword search.  You have to have a Facebook or Twitter account in order to create a Pinterest profile and right now, you still have to be invited to it by a member.  Pinterest synchs in all of the people we’re connected to on Facebook or Twitter who have Pinterest accounts already so that we have a potential built-in audience to begin with.

Here’s a link to more info about Pinterest and a free HubSpot eBook that you can download on How to Use Pinterest for Business:

This recent article in Forbes will give you more of an idea about the power of Pinterest:

Facts to Remember

  • Install your Pinmarklet right away by adding it to your toolbar
  • Rename your pin boards
  • Pins are chronological
  • Don’t pin directly from Google images as you want to properly credit your sources
  • Don’t pin anything without crediting the source
  • Don’t be sleezy and post stuff in unrelated places!
  • Don’t send people to a link that’s unrelated
  • Follow friends from Facebook & Twitter
  • Comment on other people’s pins to get more followers
  • Create your own pins
  • Re-pin stuff or create a new board
  • Create boards that other followers can contribute to
  • Pin videos
  • Think of keywords and use #hashtags
  • Tag people the same way you tag someone on Facebook using @
  • Don’t tag people without a purpose
  • Don’t use it purely as a tool for self-promotion
  • Link images that you’ve used on your blog back to your blog posts
  • Be creative, be creative, be creative!

Okay, so what’s stopping you from joining Pinterest?  If you need an invitation, simply email me at and I’ll send you one and follow you!

Happy pinning!

*NOTE OF CAUTION:  Excessive pinning can lead to Pinsomnia!

What You Need To Know About Your Online Presence

An excellent website design by Sarelia Design + Development

Whenever I am approached by a potential client, I generally do an assessment of their online presence to find out what they already have in place, what needs improvement, what’s missing and what should be implemented in order to ensure maximum opportunities for marketing and social media interaction.

The most important thing for any artist or business to have in place is a really good-looking (not too busy) and functional website that obviously highlights what they have to offer.  It should be carefully proofread to ensure that there are no typos or spelling mistakes and fonts should be limited to two easy-to-read styles that are no smaller than 11 pt.  Colours should be limited as well to only a few and they should be complimentary.  If you’re not good with colour schemes, seek the advice of someone who is.  Your website should also contain clickable social media icons on the home page that will take viewers directly to their Facebook page, YouTube channel, Twitter account, Google+ or LinkedIn profiles or WordPress/Blogger blog.  If you’re like me and don’t have the budget to pay a professional web designer yet, I highly recommend a WordPress site as it has a lot of functionality and is quite easy to use.

I believe that in this new age of social media marketing it is also important to have a professional photo of YOU and/or your logo on your website that is consistently branded across all of your social media networking sites.  The whole point of social media marketing is to be accessible and to connect and engage with your audience.  If you don’t reveal what you look like people will think you have something to hide (and don’t use a photo of yourself wearing sunglasses either!).  Ultimately a person will become a fan or buy your product because of the quality of it and their own personal tastes, but putting yourself out there online is now mandatory for anyone trying to sell something on the Internet.

If you’re selling art, CDs or books/eBooks, make sure that they can be purchased right from your website or at the very least from an excellent online distributor like iTunes, CDBaby or BookBaby, Amazon, Etsy, etc. with applicable links in place.

I always recommend that my clients have a Facebook page, a YouTube channel and a Twitter account because of what you can do with these three platforms when they’re all interlinked and consistently branded and you know how to use them effectively.  They work together to produce a finely tuned marketing machine.

MySpace is dead and an utter waste of time…even for musicians.  No one is interacting there anymore and the only email or comments you’ll receive are from other musicians trying to market themselves.  However, video and photos are worth a thousand words!  Now is the time to consider starting a video blog (a.k.a. Vlog) or to create a Flickr photostream that you can integrate into your website or Facebook page.

The number one most important thing to consider when using social media marketing to sell something is to think outside the box!  Think of as many creative ways as you can in which to engage and interact with people in order to keep them coming back to your sites again and again, and even more importantly, recommending them to their friends!