My First Book Signing Event

My First Book Signing Event at Hudson’s Bay Kingston’s Giving Back is Gorgeous Beauty Event

I was thrilled to be asked to participate in the Hudson’s Bay Kingston’s Giving Back is Gorgeous Beauty Event fundraiser on Saturday, November 12, 2022…

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POETRY: “Endpoint” by Christine Bode

Image by Marwan Nazeer



A poem by ©Christine Bode 2022

This epoch’s information inundation’s now acute;

devouring knowledge like pecan brownies until I need to puke.

Overwhelmed with info in the social media age;

watch decent people hurtling…

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The 5 Critical Cs of Writing

The 5 Cs of Critical Writing

The answer is less a matter of word count than making your words count. It’s what I call the 5 Cs of critical writing. At the risk of turning away those readers who vote…

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POETRY: “September Sunflower” by Christine Bode


September Sunflower

A poem by ©Christine Bode, 2019
(for my sister, Dianne Arenburg)

The majesty of the September sunflower
Lies in its ability to always reach for the sun.

Tall, optimistic, and full of goodness,
Its rays shine in…

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BOOK REVIEW: Flirting with Fifty by Jane Porter

Book Review

Title: Flirting with Fifty
Author:  Jane Porter
Publisher: Berkley
Released: May 24, 2022
Pages: 336
ISBN: 978-0593438381
Stars: 4.5

It has been a while since I have read a Berkeley title by New York Times Bestselling Author Jane…

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