POETRY: “September Sunflower” by Christine Bode


September Sunflower

A poem by ©Christine Bode, 2019
(for my sister, Dianne Arenburg)

The majesty of the September sunflower
Lies in its ability to always reach for the sun.

Tall, optimistic, and full of goodness,
Its rays shine in splendour towards Heaven and,

Despite the elements, it remains faithful to its calling,
Seeking spiritual knowledge, light and truth,

While its yellowness symbolizes vitality, intelligence, and happiness,
Those are things that we humans pray for daily.

The Greek myth of Clytie and Apollo
Awarded the sunflower its adoration and loyalty,

Van Gogh recognized its significance long before
The rest of us mere mortals,

As did my sunflower sister
Who understands its magnificence,

Because she’s not bitter or cynical and always
Leads with her heart.

Loyal, nourishing and warm,
She seeks out positivity and

Just like the blooming sunflower,
Always turns to face the sun.

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