POETRY: “Oh, Eloise” by Christine Bode


Oh, Eloise

A song-like poem by ©Christine Bode 2022

Oh, Eloise
The way you wail on your squeaky purple pig
When I’m talking on the telephone
Although you’re never ever alone
And you don’t want to play with me
My silly Eloise

Oh, Eloise
The way you carry big sticks, so proud
Then you roll over them on the ground
Getting covered in dirt, twigs and leaves
Rise to your feet and shake them free
My earthy Eloise

Oh, Eloise
Every spring, you live for bunny patrol
You cannot wait for our evening strolls
So alert, you seem kinda high
You stalk those bunnies with surprise
My stealthy Eloise

Oh, Eloise
The way you greet Molly and Daisy on the street
I wish you showed such joy for me
But you often act indifferently
You wag your tail for them, and my emotions sing
My playful Eloise

Oh, Eloise
The way you jump all over Aunties Tracie and Jen
You crazy tease, can’t get enough of them
You just want to lick their ears
Break their jewellery and make them sneeze
My charming Eloise

Oh, Eloise
When I’m on the porcelain throne
With my elbows on my knees
You stare at me and, with your eyes, beseech
Are we going to go outside now?
My yearning Eloise

Oh, Eloise
The way you stick your nose out the window of a car
Even if we’re not going very far
But we might go to a park, and you’re as happy as a lark
Merrier than in our home in your Doodle Zen zone
My happy Eloise

Oh, Eloise
You break my heart to please you
When I take you to the dog park
You hide under the bench, away from big male dogs
But when a bitch accepts your impish bow, it’s playtime now
My choosy Eloise

Oh, Eloise
The way you hide under the bistro table
When we’re all alone at home
Even if I offer you chicken or a piece of cheese
You won’t come out; you’re just that frustrating
My weirdo Eloise

Oh, Eloise
The way you watch Nature shows with me
Focus on mammals and walk up to the TV
David Attenborough’s is your favourite voice
Like, I even have a choice
My quirky Eloise

Oh, Eloise
I’m sorry for comparing you to Scully
You never stood a chance of filling her furry pants
That companion legacy is over now
And you just don’t know how
My distinctive Eloise

Oh, Eloise
You can’t live up to ill-judged plans
That you don’t even understand
Because you’re just another pooch
With quirks like smelling every girl’s cooch
My miscreant Eloise

Oh, Eloise
Your sensitive digestion drives me to my knees
Along with your separation anxiety
But I wouldn’t trade you now
Stop caring; I don’t know how!
My needy Eloise

Oh, Eloise
Panting and vomiting bile, diarrhea every few hours
For two nights in a row, my worry’s starting to grow
Tell me, what can I do for you
When it is now a quarter to two?
My boney Eloise

Oh, Eloise
You are my life; you are my prayer
Please stay with me
I love you and want you here
I never meant I wanted you to leave
My poor baby Eloise

Oh, Eloise
It’s our third anniversary of being
Housemates who must surrender to fate although
This isn’t what I had planned
When I named you after a cover song by The Damned
My only Eloise

Oh, Eloise
I swear I love you; you’re my reason for getting out of bed
I couldn’t bear it if you were dead
So sweet girl, puh-lease heed my pleas
We’re off to see the vet ’cause I need you here with me
My darling Eloise

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