My First Book Signing Event

My First Book Signing Event at Hudson’s Bay Kingston’s Giving Back is Gorgeous Beauty Event

I was thrilled to be asked to participate in the Hudson’s Bay Kingston’s Giving Back is Gorgeous Beauty Event fundraiser on Saturday, November 12, 2022. An employee of The Bay is a long-time Instagram friend and she, Carole Letourneau, graciously invited me to participate as a local author. It was my first book signing event for the two poetry books I wrote and recently published, Eden Redefined and Eden Refugee, and I had a blast!

It was beautiful to be a part of a community event that raised funds for the Hudson’s Bay Foundation’s Charter for Change, which is working to address racial inequality by investing in education, employment and empowerment opportunities for Indigenous Peoples, Black People, and People of Colour. Over the years, I have worked with and supported fabulously talented people from the BIPOC community. I may have no real idea what it is like to not be a middle-class white woman, but I have dealt with prejudices that fall outside of the colour of my skin, and I believe everyone has the right to education, employment, equality, and empowerment.

As I celebrate the release of my new poetry book, Eden Redefined, I hope that people of all colours and cultures can find something to relate to within its pages.

I’m grateful to my family and friends who came to see me and purchase my book at The Bay, and to local author and friend Angela Stever, for inspiring me through her publishing journey. She wrote a fantastic young adult fantasy fiction novel called Conquering the Divide: The Legend of Barsicon, which I read and appreciated.

Support your local vendors and artisans whenever you can, and if you’re a poetry lover, I hope to see you at a future book signing event.

Christine Bode’s poetry series brings a new sense of honesty that is true to her soul. In her latest publication Eden Redefined, Bode unveils a captivating journey that is mysterious and alluring. In fact, her poetic words cast a magical spell where readers can immediately see themselves in a different light. While many poets apply a literal use of light and darkness, Bode’s metaphorical ways of telling deep, personal stories naturally illuminate the shades and obscurities of life. I can envision her poetry becoming independent films and video stories as her words already have a cinematic quality and contribute to the broader arts community.

~ Dr Samita Nandy, Director, Centre for Media and Celebrity Studies, Actor, American Academy of Dramatic Arts (LA)

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Eden Refugee
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