POETRY: “Lucid Dream” by Christine Bode

Lucid Dreaming by Mark J. Sebastian


Lucid Dream

A poem by ©Christine Bode 2022

Downey as a swan feather
Your finger caresses my cheek
Brawny arm holds my back with Posturepedic support
Opposite hand on my buttock
Giving it a gentle squeeze

Inhaling your wood amber musk
My lips pressed against your Cupid’s bow
Fiery tongues dance a tango
And you lean into me with fervour
Indicating you want me—now

I sigh and whimper like a dreaming puppy
Begging to be let off its leash
To chase a bunny through the woods
But you disappear like you were never there at all
And I awaken, pining and pitiful

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