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I’m Christine Bode, Bodacious Copy’s resilient, innovative sole proprietor, based in Kingston, Ontario. I am a copy editor, website creator, Twitter marketer, book reviewer, and poet. A spiritual empath with quirky interests like time travel, paranormal phenomena, energy vortexes, and gothic rock music, I never act my age and will always surprise you. My best qualities are kindness, empathy, and listening. I look forward to meeting you.

Copy editor Christine Bode

Love of language has always influenced my life. A voracious reader since the age of five, I have read almost 1,000 books. I wrote a novella when I was fourteen, and I’ve worked as a freelance copy editor and proofreader since 2008.

Since 2012, I’ve been the senior copy editor for Publish and Promote, which helps first-time and self-published authors realize their book publishing and marketing goals. As an articulate, patient, and excellent listener with a keen eye for details, I ensure each project receives my best effort.

I developed my copyediting skill during my twenty-five-year career as an administrative assistant in various industries. I know legal, medical, and business terminology and took proofreading and editing courses. But that’s not what makes me a great copy editor. I read—every day—and am hyper-aware of what first-class copy is.

For many years I authored book reviews for Simon & Schuster Canada and HarperCollins Canada. I also wrote reviews and articles for various online entertainment magazines. As a published poet, I understand how to create impact through written communication to engage audiences. 



Thirty years of experience in copy and line editing of every type of document you can conceive of has made me a gifted copy editor.


My eye for detail makes me an exceptional proofreader. I find mistakes in books published by the top publishing houses.

Twitter Marketing

Thirteen years as a social media manager and marketer have made me an expert Twitter marketer. You should know the main thing about Twitter is to use it to talk to people and have fun!