About Bodacious Copy

Hi! I’m Christine Bode. My mission is to help you present your best-written work to the world, within your budget and deadline. I will work with you so that I understand your concept and preferred style guide and will ensure that your writing reads and flows well and is as engaging as possible. As a social media marketer of fourteen years, I can also assist with a Twitter marketing strategy to sell your book. 

Bodacious Copy’s primary focus is on copyediting books: fiction and non-fiction.

Bodacious Copy reviews and corrects:

  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Sentence structure
  • Punctuation
  • Diction
  • Syntax
  • Style
  • Consistency
  • Formatting

Editing is completed in Microsoft WORD using track changes. The Dictionary of choice is Merriam-Webster.

Christine Bode

Love of language influences many parts of my life. I have worked as a freelance copy editor and proofreader since 2008. Since 2012 I’ve been the senior copy editor for a Canadian company called Publish and Promote that helps first-time and self-published authors realize their book publishing and marketing goals. As an articulate, patient, excellent listener with a keen eye for details, I ensure each project receives my best effort.

During a twenty-five-year career as an administrative assistant in a variety of industries, I developed my copyediting skill. I know legal, medical, and business terminology; have taken proofreading and editing courses, and am adept in CP Style and AP Style.  But that’s not what makes me a great copy editor. I read—every day—and am hyper-aware of what first-class copy is.

For many years I wrote book reviews for Simon & Schuster Canada and HarperCollins Canada. I also wrote reviews and articles for online entertainment magazines. A published poet, I understand how to create impact through written communication to engage audiences.  

In March 2008, I manifested a lifelong dream of working with musicians and authors when I founded Scully Love Promo, a digital promotions business offering social media marketing and virtual assistance. It was successful until December 2020, when due to the pandemic, musicians could no longer tour.

What People Say

Your book is as great as the editorial talents that you hire to ensure your story is clear, concise, and captivating. I had the PERFECT editor, Christine Bode of Bodacious Copy to work on my autobiography, UNVEILED. I was ecstatic when my book ranked #2 and #3 in two categories in June 2021 just a few weeks after publishing it. Thank you, Christine for exceeding my expectations!

Dawn James –
Author, Unveiled: Autobiography of an Awakened One

As any author can tell you, your manuscript is like your child. It’s a part of you, and you would never knowingly hand it off to someone who would potentially do it harm. When you leave your child in the care of someone you expect them to return showered, fed, and care for—if your eight-year-old comes back with a pink Mohawk and tattoos, however, you know to never trust that person again. This is the struggle we as authors must face when picking an editor, finding someone who will accentuate the unique voice we have instead of conforming it to a rigid and familiar structure.

This is what Christine does with a golden touch, she works hard to make your work as perfect as it can be without masking the uniqueness that every author individually holds. She did me the honor of editing my debut novel, Allegory of the End, and blew my expectations of the type of relationship a writer can have with their editor. I had searched high and low for a person I felt comfortable enough to edit my work since it was my first novel, and admittedly I stepped up to the plate with a lot of trepidation, but Christine calmed my nerves with ease. She was as proud of and dedicated to editing my work as I was when writing it, and she will undoubtedly be the editor I turn to in the future.

If you’re looking for an editor, your search should start and end with Christine Bode. She’s the editor I’ll be using for all my future works and the same person I’d recommend to any of my friends or peers.

A.R. Mirabál –
Author, Allegory of the End: Volume One (Death of Order Book 1)

Christine Bode was recommended to me by Dawn James of Publish and Promote.  I met Christine over Zoom, and she was very charming and patient. She helped me with some social media marketing as well as with proofreading and making the final corrections to my autobiography, UPHILL CLIMB.  In speaking with her, I could tell she lives and breathes her work, and during the final edit of my book, she gave me some great ideas that really completed the look and feel of it, including the suggestion for the addition of photos.

I thank Christine for her invaluable input.  I would highly recommend her and would love to have her expertise if I decide to write another book.

Jean Pierre –
Author, Autobiography of Jean Pierre, Canadian Icon and Creator of Obsidian Skincare

Let’s make your story shine.