Mary’s Meals Canada celebrates Annie Lennox and “Universal Child” Gift

Mary’s Meals Canada Celebrates ANNIE LENNOX and
“Universal Child” Gift

TORONTO, Canada.

Mary’s Meals Canada, the school feeding charity, celebrates Annie Lennox and the gift of her hit single, “Universal Child.” Recognized as one of the most successful, iconic, and revered pop artists, Ms. Lennox has sold over 86 million albums worldwide.

“With deep gratitude, we are very excited that Annie Lennox has so generously gifted her hit single, “Universal Child to our lifesaving work of Mary’s Meals,” said Sheri McConnell, Executive Director of Mary’s Meals Canada. “Ms. Lennox recently released a digitally remastered version of her sixth solo album, A Christmas Cornucopia – a collection of inspired interpretations of traditional festive songs, rounded out by Ms. Lennox’s composition of “Universal Child.” This song is a wonderful tribute which reflects Ms. Lennox’s generosity in her gift, to the work we do.”

No stranger to the work of Mary’s Meals, the Scottish singer-songwriter, political activist and philanthropist lent her voice and testimonial originally to Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow, Chief Founder of Mary’s Meals and author of “The Shed That Fed a Million Children” in 2015. “Mary’s Meals feeds a million children every single day,” said Lennox, “It’s not rocket science and it really works.” Since Ms. Lennox’s endorsement in 2015, Mary’s Meals now, feeds over 1.6 million children a day in 19 of the world’s poorest countries. The cost to feed a child is $26.40 (CDN) for 1 school year, or .13 cents per day.

“For many years now, I have been supporting the wonderful work of Mary’s Meals,’ said Ms. Lennox. “Children have always been close to my heart, I guess this is one of the reasons I wrote Universal Child.”

Universal Child” is kindly donated to Mary’s Meals by Annie Lennox.


Mary’s Meals feeds over 1.6 million children a day through school feeding programmes in 19 countries: Malawi, Liberia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Haiti, Kenya, India, South Sudan, Uganda, Ethiopia, Benin, Lebanon, Syria, Myanmar, Thailand, Ecuador, Niger, Madagascar and Romania.

Mary’s Meals is owned and run by local communities in the countries in which it operates. Where possible, meals are prepared using food that has been grown locally. This helps to support families and boost the local economy.

While schools are closed because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the charity’s work continues. Through community distributions of food parcels and essential hygiene items, Mary’s Meals is continuing to reach almost every child enrolled in its feeding programs, enabling parents or guardians to cook daily meals for the children at home, in their temporary place of education.

Mary’s Meals began in 2002 when Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow visited Malawi during a famine and met a mother dying from AIDS. When Magnus asked her eldest son, Edward, what his dreams were in life, he replied simply: “I want to have enough food to eat and to be able to go to school one day.”

In 2010 Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow was named a TOP 10 CNN Hero. In 2015 Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow was named one of TIME MAGAZINE’S 100 Most Influential People

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Irene Carroll | | 416-366-5473

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