Dalannah BOWEN BLUES BENEFIT: How You Can Help

Dalannah Bowen Blues Benefit

Tues., April 5, 2016
The Fairview Pub
898 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC
V5Z 1J8

7:00pm to 1:30am / Doors open at 6:00pm
Donation at the Door (minimum $15)

March 14, 2016

[Vancouver, BC]  Shortly after the 30th Annual Blues For Christmas Benefit, organizer and performer Dalannah Gail Bowen was hospitalized with a stroke; and experienced a second stroke this February.  Her mobility and speech has been heavily affected and rehabilitation will take an extended period of time.  For musicians, taking away our ability to perform not only stifles our hearts and creativity but greatly tightens our pocket books as  well, leaving us with the inability to provide for ourselves.

Dalannah Gail Bowen is a much-loved and acclaimed singer/songwriter, delighting audiences throughout the Lower Mainland for over thirty years. A devoted community activist, particularly on the Downtown East Side, Dalannah works tirelessly as a performer, producer and organizer for local charities. (www.dalannahgailbowen.com) There are many faces and many personalities to this Vancouver-based blues singer. All of those personalities have something in common – a spark, joy, determination and a fire inside.

In recent years, with her singing career rekindled, Dalannah was described as “a surprise hit at the Vancouver Folk Festival”; gave “can’t miss performances” for the Vancouver International Jazz Festival; was described as “…one of Vancouver’s finest talents” by the Vancouver Sun and was named one of Vancouver’s Thirty Inspiring Women. Her latest CD, Been Around A While, received outstanding reviews around the globe. Her vocals, alongside a simple rhythm of bass tracks supplied by Owen Owen, was the sound that won over The Memphis Blues folks and put her in the Blues Hall of Fame just last year.

The  Fairview  Pub and the Vancouver  Music  Community  are  banding  together  to give back to Dalannah so she can concentrate on recovery without financial worry.

ThPerformerareJim  Byrnes, Murray  Porter, Kenny  “Blues  Boss”  Wayne, Candus Churchill, Catherine Bowers, Cecile Larochelle, Billy Dixon, Wes MacKey, Damian Azriel, Jason Buie, Jayleen Stonehouse, Jessi  Nicholson, Jim Foster, Joani Bye, Keith Bennett, Steve Sainas, and Taylor James.

The Stellar Musicians are: Billy Mendoza, Brock Miller, Cameron Hood, Chris Nordquist, Dave Say, Don Hardy,  Johnny Ferreira, Leonard Saidman, Lindsay Mitchell, Malcolm Aiken, Marko Ibarra, Michael Creber, Olaf de Shield, Owen Owen Owen, Ray Ayotte, Ross Langbell, Shawn Soucy, and Steve Daily.

Concert goers will also be able to support Dalannah Gail Bowen by purchasing 50/50 tickets.  The general public will be able to participate in an online auction for items including a One Week Luxury Stay in Mexico, valued at $4200, purchase music downloads donated by local musicians or donate directly to an online donations site.

Please join us for this wonderful evening, purchase items from the online auction at bowenbluesbenefit2016.eflea.ca from March 13 to April 13 or donate directly www.dalannahgailbowen.com/Donate.html.  Collectively giving a bit translates into a whole lot!


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