“Gun Kontrol” by The Trygger Twins Packs a Pistol (New Video)

The Trygger TwinsI don’t usually publicly discuss my political opinions…

I’ve only ever voted for the NDP or Green parties

…or talk about complex issues such as same-sex marriage,

Hallelujah #SCOTUS for making it legal in all 50 states in the USA!

…or taking religious studies out of the classroom

I’m against mandatory religious curriculum in public or high schools unless all religions are studied, as I feel that an individual should be an adult before making up his or her mind about religious or spiritual beliefs and should be free to study them in college or university if they choose.

…or legalizing marijuana.

I’m all for it.

However, when a friend of mine turned me onto this crazy, thought-provoking video by The Trygger Twins – because I’m concerned about the USA’s lack of gun control and the NRA‘s mandate – I found it to be a powerfully delicious little gem that packs a pistol, er, I mean, punch. What do you think?

Here’s “Gun Kontrol” by The Trygger Twins.

Learn more about up and coming alt-country / alt-rock duo The Trygger Twins as they shoot the breeze with MuzikTown Magazine here.


  1. German says:

    Nice, deliciously provocative.

    1. Gracias German! I thought so. 😉

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