Introducing Music Business Mentoring

Music Business MentoringI’m very pleased to announce that I’m now available as a music mentor specializing in Crowd Funding, Marketing Your Music, Creating Marketing Tools, Branding, Marketing Plans and of course, Social Media through Music Business Mentoring, a new business founded by three singer-songwriters who have worked in the industry for many years: Wyatt EasterlingMarlene D’Aoust & Jennifer Ferguson Smith (a.k.a. Jen Smith).

If you’re a musician or you know of someone who is involved in the music industry who would like to be aware of this incredible resource of leading professionals who can help you navigate through today’s music business, please feel free to share this info with them. Just go to and browse through the mentors on the Home page to find out about the topics they cover or use the Search box to search for a topic.

Topics areas include:

  • Relationships/Agreements
  • Music Publishing
  • Touring
  • Recording/Production/Engineering
  • DIY Album Releases
  • Promotion & Marketing
  • Songwriting
  • Performance
  • Funding Sources
  • General Career Advice

and there are many sub-topics included within those areas.

Read our FAQs here.

Find us on Facebook at

Develop your craft.

Grow your career.

Find your direction.

Need to know? Ask a Pro!

Music Business Mentors are ready to help you!

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