Move Over, Vamps and Shapeshifters! Get Ready for Elementals! by Elaine Calloway

Water's Blood by Elaine Calloway


Move Over, Vamps and Shapeshifters! Get Ready for Elementals!

by Elaine Calloway

The supernatural has long been a fascination of humankind. Spooky things, creatures that go bump in the night, spells that turn evil people into toads, etc. These tales have been the delicious material of campfires and slumber parties.

Even as a child, my favorite cartoon was Scooby-Doo, which always had some form of ghost story at its center. It seemed only fitting that I would grow up, longing to tell similar anecdotes. And while I do have a few ghost stories in the works, I decided to take the plunge into Indie Publishing with my 4-book Elemental Clan Series. (The jury is still out on whether this decision was blind ambition or temporary insanity, though the experience has been incredible!)

Water’s Blood, available on Amazon, is the first book in the series and features Brooke, a Water Elemental stationed in New Orleans. The Crescent City was an ideal setting for a book featuring a Water-related character, since New Orleans is surrounded by water on all sides! I grew up there and enjoyed using my favorite areas as backdrops to the plot. The city has many tourist places, and I liked adding in a few secret spots that don’t make the top of the tourism circuit. To read more about this particular book, including the music soundtrack which I created to help inspire the characters, go to the Water’s Blood page on my website.

Book Blurb:

After breaking the rules to mate with a human, Water Elemental Brooke is forbidden to share a life with Alex and their half-breed daughter, Ella. Yet local Fallen Angel clans are determined to snare Ella for themselves. Brooke broke the rules once by allowing love to interfere with her Elemental duties. Now she and Alex must put consequences aside again—if they wish to save their daughter’s soul.

Leaping into Indie Publishing has been quite a learning experience, but I’ve loved having control over my cover art, my publishing schedule, and more. Very worthwhile decision! Another writer once said, “It’s a learning process.” She couldn’t have said it better. That is exactly what it is, but very worthwhile.

Thanks so much for having me on the blog today! Any questions or comments are welcome!

Questions from Christine Bode of Scully Love Promo (now Bodacious Copy):

Hi Elaine! I just ordered this book from and can’t wait to read it! My first question is when you wrote your main characters Brooke & Alex, did you write them with famous actors in mind and if so, who were those actors?

Elaine: As far as actors/people in mind for Brooke and Alex, yes, absolutely. If I don’t have some kind of visual in my head when I write (be it Hollywood star, old acquaintance, etc.) then the writing doesn’t go as well.

Alex was Kevin McKidd, who has been in a few films but was probably most well known for Grey’s Anatomy in the later seasons. Brooke was Rosario Dawson. Ella was Melonie Diaz.

Bad guys – Soren = Sam Elliott; Cristos = Paul Bettany

There is a Pinterest board I have for WATER’S BLOOD if you want to see pics of all my visual inspiration  And I have one for Book Two as well.

Christine: Have you written the second installment of The Elemental Clan series yet?

Elaine: Yes, Book Two of the Elemental Series, RAGING FIRE, is scheduled to be released on 8/1. Am just going through and inputting final beta reader comments now. You can see the cover on its page on my site here.

My goal is to do the EARTH one by Christmas, the WIND one by spring. (*Note: There are now five books published in the Elemental Clan series.)

Elaine Calloway grew up in New Orleans with a love of gothic architecture and Author Elaine Callowayall things paranormal. Despite no longer living there, she can still do a decent Cajun accent upon request! She is currently writing The Elemental Clan Series and plotting some ghost stories. To connect with Elaine online, visit her website at


  1. jeff7salter says:

    Hi, Elaine.
    I’ve probably said this before, but I think it was a terrific idea to set your WATER themed book in gnawlins.
    And, as you already know, I grew up just across the lake from N.O., so I’m sure I’ll recognize some landmarks when I get a chance to read your story.

    1. scullylovepromo says:

      Thanks for taking the time to leave us a comment, Jeff! I’m really pleased that the story is set in N’awlins as well as it’s one of the most interesting cities in the world and definitely one of the contributing factors to my interest in reading it as well.


      1. jeff7salter says:

        Christine, you sound like someone who’s spent some time in the Crescent City. From where do you hale?
        We left LA in 2006 to move to KY, where my wife’s parents were (at the time). They’ve both since passed away and we now live on about 23 acres which have been in her ancestral family since about 1803.

    2. Thanks for commenting, Jeff! Appreciate it. Yep, I know the NOLA area well, plus it is a city surrounded by water, hence the ideal setting for WATER’S BLOOD 🙂


      1. jeff7salter says:

        From the Top of the Mart, at night, it’s a lovely sight.
        But during the day, with all the traffic, at ground level, it was a nightmare to me.

  2. C J Matthew says:

    I have read Water’s Blood and it is an exciting, spooky and romantic story! Thank you Elaine, for letting us know when to expect book 2. Also thanks for writing the newest installment about the Fire Elemental in New York. He was one of my favorite secondary characters on Water’s Blood and deserves his own book. CJ Matthew

    1. scullylovepromo says:

      Thanks for your comment, CJ. So great to hear more positive reviews for Water’s Blood. My copy is being shipped to me by Amazon & should arrive tomorrow. YAY!


      1. writerscanvas says:

        Yay! Glad to hear your book will arrive soon, Christine!

        CJ – thanks for commenting! Yep, Phoenix is one of those characters that seemed perfect for FIRE and New York City 🙂


  3. scullylovepromo says:

    Jeff, I hale from Kingston, Ontario, Canada. I’ve been to N’awlins though…once way back in 1985 and I’m dying to go back for a longer visit. I’ve been watching Treme recently & have fallen in love with it again. You are SO lucky to live on 23 acres in KY. I’ve driven through that state before and it’s really beautiful!

    1. jeff7salter says:

      I don’t know the diff. areas of Canada very well, but I have long wished I could visit several of them. The photos make it look wonderful and several movies, filmed there, have made it seem beautiful. Terrific combination of modern metropolitan areas and virgin wilderness.
      We moved to the greater N.O area (across the Lake) in mid-1950s and I spent a total of some 14 yrs there over the following 18 yrs. The city and its surroundings were quite different before the interstates were built.

      1. writerscanvas says:

        And that area is different even now, Jeff! Not sure the last time you were back, but the “across the lake” that used to be woodsy, almost summer homes with not much traffic – – um, yeah. That’s not the case anymore! Many people kept flocking over there, and after Hurricane Katrina it grew by leaps and bounds. My understanding is that the public schools are amazing over there, too, which, sadly, they are not in New Orleans.

        Christine – I LOVE Treme too! I was so glad to see a series that focused on the aftermath and all the different types of people. One of my high school classmates had a small recurring role (she played a D.A.) and she gave us the inside scoop on filming there. Was fun!

      2. jeff7salter says:

        Yes, WriterCanvas, the “northshore” of L. Ponchy was hardly much more than the very small village of Mandeville, the Fountainbleau Park, and a zillion acres of forest when we moved there in mid ’56. Our schools in Covington were terrific, despite being under-funded.
        I had heard that the post-Katrina period has seen a dramatic increase.
        My last visit to that area was in mid ’98 I believe. Even back then, it was a night-and-day difference from what I recalled in the mid 70s when I’d left.

  4. scullylovepromo says:

    Canada is a beautiful country, Jeff, but if you ask me most countries have areas of great beauty to be discovered & celebrated. I’m totally in love with Ireland. I’ve been there 3 times and can’t get enough of it. The scenery is breathtaking, the history is intriguing and the people are wonderful! I highly recommend it!

    Elaine, my copy of Water’s Blood arrived today. It looks great & I can’t wait to read it!

    1. jeff7salter says:

      I would LOVE to visit the British Isles, particularly Ireland & Scotland.

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