Don’t Miss Cormac O Caoimh’s New Series of Black and White Videos on YouTube!

Cormac O Caoimh playing a Godin guitarFor Immediate Release

Cormac O Caoimh  – new series of videos  –  Godin guitar endorsee  –  recently played Indie Week Ireland

What do…

A honeyed whiskey drink
A fine cognac on a cold winter’s eve
A warm woolly jumper in muted earthy colours
A colour … a rich mahogany warm and beautiful
and a water color painting all have in common???

They have all been used in reviews to describe Cormac O Caoimh’s A New Season For Love CD.

Cormac O Caoimh is a singer-songwriter and classical guitarist from Cork, Ireland. He released A New Season for Love less than 12 months ago and it received excellent reviews. He was selected as Play Irish artist of the month and was featured on the RTE 1 Show Arena. His intimate vocals and exquisite guitar playing is attracting the attention of the music press, djs and a widening and growing audience. The last single from the CD, “Remember When We Didn’t Kiss” topped the iTunes download charts on its release.

But the man is not resting.

He is currently uploading acoustic versions of new material in a series of black and white videos on YouTube. And they have had an immediate impact. Many of the new songs depart from the chilled and calm mood of A New Season for Love and as well as having a more frenetic and energetic feel to them, explore darker themes and emotions.

For these songs, in their current format, Cormac uses a Godin mulitac nylon string guitar and a stompbox to accompany his expressive vocals.  Godin Guitars, the premier Canadian guitar company, have picked up on them and have been sharing the videos on their social media sites. As a result, Cormac is now an official endorsee of Godin Guitars.

In another Canadian connection, Cormac played the Indie Week Festival Thursday April 25th in Sweeney’s Mongrel, Ground Floor.

Indie Week Ireland is an annual music festival held over four days/nights, with 24+ international acts performing in the heart of Dublin. Showcases are judged by members of the music industry, and the top scoring act receives a paid trip (flights and accommodations for up to five band members) to headline INDIE WEEK CANADA in October. Indie Week is an alternative artist-friendly festival that is dedicated to supporting emerging artists.

For more information on Cormac you can visit:

To see the latest videos (including the new B&W series that attracted the attention of Godin Guitars) you can visit:

Read all the A New Season For Love reviews here: O Caoimh

You can listen to all of A New Season For Love here:

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