How Do I Get More Followers on Twitter?

Follow on Twitter

Do you want to get more specifically targeted followers on Twitter who are beneficial without buying them?

If so, you must retweet other people’s content! It’s also meaningful to talk to people on Twitter, engage with them, and find out how you can be of help to them so that when the time comes, you can ask them for help without feeling creepy about it.

I was once able to connect with radio stations in Trinidad to secure several interviews for a Soca artist I worked with while he was there for the International Soca Monarch. I connect with relevant contacts for clients, land clients myself, and have tweeted with some of my favourite celebrities. You would be amazed at who you can talk to on Twitter!

I follow people who may be beneficial to my clients’ careers, like radio stations, DJs, journalists, bloggers, reviewers, venues, media outlets, or fans of their genre of music or writing who live in specific cities, etc. I put those people into lists labelled with keywords so that we can filter our Twitter feed by clicking on Lists. This helps us to decide who we might like to get to know. But we have to talk to them. You can break the ice by asking them a question, introducing yourself or retweeting their content with a comment. Make the first move. Retweet something for them that looks like it might be helpful to them if you can find it.

Don’t be afraid to follow people back on Twitter. If their account has a photo and a bio that’s interesting to you and they are active on Twitter, follow them back. If they retweet your content, it will help get your message out to a larger audience, and it will also help to grow your followers. The more you engage, tweet and retweet, the more followers you will attract. Try it for one month and tweet every day. I’ll bet you will notice a significant difference!

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