Scully Love Promo’s Best of 2012 Lists

best5listsWell, it’s that time again.

Bloggers love to make ‘Best of Lists’ at the end of each year and I don’t usually do it, but I thought, well why the heck not?  I didn’t read as many books, watch as many movies, attend as many concerts or write as many reviews this year as I have in the past, but that’s because I worked for myself full time in 2012 and when you’re self-employed, there just aren’t enough hours in the day!  However, when I do want to unwind, I turn to the things I love the most for entertainment: music, books and film.

So here are my top 5 favourite CDs, concerts, books, movies and television series that I experienced in 2012 (although they might not have been released in 2012):

Top 5 Favourite CDs of 2012Ninth

  1. Ninth by Peter Murphy (2011)
  2. Red Revelations by Jace Everett (2009)
  3. Blunderbuss by Jack White (2012)
  4. A New Season For Love by Cormac O Caoimh (2012)
  5. Sing by Maria Doyle Kennedy (2012)

Top 5 Favourite Concerts of 2012IMG_5231

  1. Bob Geldof at The Empire Theatre, Belleville, ON, Oct. 16, 2012
  2. Andy White at The Rankin Gallery, Inverary, ON, Sept. 14, 2012
  3. The Tea Party at The Grand Theatre, Kingston, ON, Aug. 30, 2012
  4. Ruthie Foster at The Limestone City Blues Festival, Kingston, ON, Aug. 25, 2012
  5. Shari Ulrich at The Rankin Gallery, Inverary, ON, Jun. 4, 2012

Top 5 Favourite Books of 2012The Good Daughter

  1. The Good Daughter by Jane Porter (5 stars)
  2. My Cross To Bear by Gregg Allman (5 stars)
  3. In The Mood For Peace: The Story of the Izzy Doll by Phyllis Wheaton (4.5 stars)
  4. Whistling In The Dark by Lesley Kagen (4 stars)
  5. Three Graves Full by Jamie Mason (4 stars)

Top 5 Favourite Movies of 2012Seven Psychopaths

  1. Seven Psychopaths
  2. The Dark Knight Rises
  3. Skyfall
  4. Life of Pi
  5. The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

Top 5 Favourite TV Series of 2012Breaking Bad

  1. Breaking Bad (Seasons 1-4)
  2. True Blood (Season 4)
  3. Californication (Season 4)
  4. Treme (Season 2)
  5. The Game of Thrones (Season 1)

I’d love to hear what your favourites were so please leave me a comment and let me know because I’m always interested in recommendations.

We made it through another end of the world (YAHOO!) so I’ll take this opportunity to wish you all a very blessed, healthy, prosperous HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

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