Introducing Scottish Artist: John Gallagher Graphix

The best thing about social media and in particular Facebook, is the ability we all have now to make friends online with people that we might never have had the opportunity to meet in person.  I can honestly say that I have at least a couple dozen Facebook friends whom I’ve never met in person who have made a significant difference in my life for having befriended me.  They share with me their life’s passions, dreams, goals, friendship, love, compassion and understanding.  They listen when I need to talk and make me feel that I’m not alone when I might otherwise have been feeling lonely.  Their thoughtfulness, light and loving spirits have illuminated me through many moments of darkness.

One such magnificent human being, and an extremely talented one at that, is Scottish artist, John Gallagher.  John and I were introduced on Facebook by a mutual friend and bonded over our shared love for and appreciation of Irish singer-songwriter Jack Lukeman over two years ago.  He’s a year younger than me and is quiet, easygoing, interested in film and art, books and creative media as well as music.  John (nickname “Magpie”) often shares the fantastic videos he creates for Jack L with me because he knows how I adore his voice.  You can watch them and witness John’s talent for yourself at Magpie’s Haven on YouTube.

The first thing you notice about John is how artistic he is and I (among others, I’m sure) have encouraged him to market his art and make it available to the public.  And he has! His brand new website John Gallagher Graphix showcases his considerable gallery of fantastic digital graphic portraits of musicians, actors and popular and cult television & movie icons.  He’s the kind of guy who enjoys Star Trek and Dr. Who, but I don’t hold that against him (*smile*) because he’s created some brilliant prints that I will be gifting myself with this holiday season, including this iconic rendition of another of my favourite male vocalists of all time, Peter Murphy.

Using a variety of techniques John can produce some extremely striking and often emotive images.  He’s created digital and pen art and is probably the No. 1 source for The Rory Gallagher Art Collection on the Internet!

I asked him how he does it and this is what he said:

“I create all my images working from several different photographs most of the time; sometimes video stills for a more unique and challenging image.  I use my knowledge gained from creating videos over the past few years to then restructure the photograph and give it a ‘pop art’ effect which also gives me a clearer image of the subject to work from.

I am then ready to begin creating the piece and I work directly from the image facing me on the computer screen, which is first drawn out in pencil, as well as all the areas I wish to tone and shade.

I use pen and ink mostly and these days, my artwork is mainly created by using alcohol markers which I discovered some time back.  I found them ideal to my needs.  With these markers, I am able to give more depth and substance to my work and whilst my own preference is for black and white or tones of grey and blues, I have created many colour pieces over this past year where colour suits the theme of the picture.

I enjoy my work immensely and relish the challenge the combination of different styles I have learned over the years brings!

Thanks for taking an interest in my work!”

I urge you to take some time to peruse the galleries on John Gallagher’s website and to let him know what you think.  For art enquiries, he can be reached at or you can contact him directly at at

I guarantee you that it will be hard for to choose just one favourite image (I love this one of Joe Strummer too)!


  1. Catherine says:

    I have to totally agree, I to have recently befriended John on FB, and what a wonderfully talented person he is too,he has also introduced me to the amazing voice of Jack Lukeman , what a joy to listen too, so good to know there is still some true talent out there, in amongst the sea of mind numbing nothingness!Thankyou for posting this I hope John gets all the success that he truely deserves.

    1. scullylovepromo says:

      Hi Catherine,

      Thank you very much for taking the time to leave me a comment about John. I really appreciate it! It’s great to know that you appreciate his talent, great ear and kind personality too. I’m rooting for him all the way! He does deserve to be successful!!

  2. John says:

    thank you Catherine and Christine! Your support of what I do is very much appreciated,xxx

  3. Theresa Ward says:

    Befriended John via FB also (mutual Jack L fans) and adore his videos. The original artwork is inspired and magical, his sense of humour is wry and witty. What’s not to love!!
    I’d suggest snapping up at least one of his many amazing pieces fast.
    Stuff this good will sell itself.
    Adding heartfelt best wishes and oodles of good luck to John also 🙂 Hope your venture is a riproaring success 🙂

    1. scullylovepromo says:

      Hi Theresa!

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. It’s good to hear how much the ladies like John! 🙂 His artwork is certainly inspired and I have plans to purchase a few pieces. I’ll be buying my first one before Christmas.


  4. Dazz says:

    I am a friend of Johns in real life and on Facebook, I have a wonderful piece he did a few years ago entitled ‘Lucretia, My Reflection’ which is a great Sisters of Mercy piece. I have always wondered how John created it and quite amazed at the process he described. Keep up the good work John 🙂

    1. Hi there,

      Thank you for your comment! I am going to buy myself a piece of John’s art one of these days when I have some extra cash & some wall space to hang it on. I love his work! He’s a very talented man.


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