For Irish Singer-Songwriter Andrew Handrick, It’s Christmas Again!

I’ve been online friends with Irish singer-songwriter Andrew Handrick for about five years and not only is he a critically acclaimed, talented artist who has toured in Ireland, the UK, Italy, Spain and the United States, but he’s also an all-around nice guy and family man.

Andrew, his family and the residents of the pictureseque fishing village of Vernazza, Italy suffered a natural disaster about a month ago when a tornado, possible earthquake and torrential rain brought down half the mountain and virtually destroyed the village of Vernazza along with the little ceramics shop where Andrew worked.  He was very fortunate to get out of Vernazza on the last train but others were not so lucky.  After I viewed the devastation in videos that Andrew posted on his Facebook page, I wanted to do what I could to help him spread the love about his music because every song or CD he sells helps just a bit more.

In the midst of this chaos, Andrew, who is a spiritual man, managed to record a Christmas song – something he’d never done before – because he needed to try to balance things out with an upbeat, feel good vibe.

Andrew offically released the original, catchy Christmas Again on Friday, December 2nd and created a cute & funny little animated video to go with it.  This will be a digital only release and it’s available on iTunes, CDBaby and through Andrew’s website where you can also discover more details about his latest full-length CD, Distractions.  I recently purchased Distractions and have been enjoying its intelligent lyrics and introspective, acoustic folk rock, quiet beauty during some much-needed mellow moments.

Please join me in wishing Andrew and his family a Happy Christmas and share Christmas Again with your friends and loved ones during this holiday season.

With gratitude,


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