Find Out How Fund It Can Help Irish Artists Create Fantastic New Projects!

Since most of my favourite musicians and singer-songwriters come from Ireland, I thought I would pass along some information about Ireland’s new project funding initiative, Fund It, which “gives everyone the power to help good ideas happen.”  Fund It provides a platform for Irish people with great ideas to attract funding from friends, fans and followers across the world using social media.

Fund it is for any creative project or idea in Ireland, whether by an individual, a group or an organisation. Projects must comply with our guidelines and Project Creators must agree to our terms of use.

Project Creators should also demonstrate that they have a contact network (email lists, social media network etc). Fund it provides the platform for Creators, but the onus is on Creators to spread the word about their project to their friends, family, contacts and followers.

You can read more FAQ about Fund It here.

I have two wonderful Irish musician friends, Cormac O Caoimh (formerly of The Citadels) and Peter O Toole (formerly of Hothouse Flowers) who currently have new CD projects on Fund It.  If you click on the links above at Cormac and Peter’s names, you will be taken to their project information.  There you will have the opportunity to be rewarded for your pledge with not only a copy of their new CDs but much more depending upon your pledge level.

To learn more about Cormac O Caoimh and his music, check him out online

Photo by Shane A Supple


[There is truly gold there!]

Photo by Christine Bode (2002)

Discover Peter O Toole and his music on:

If you’re a music fan like I am, it’s really fun and exciting to watch an artist create a new project from the ground up!  This is an innovative grass roots movement for Crowdfunding Ireland’s creativity, and Cormac and Peter will keep us informed about their projects every step of the way.  Good luck to you gentlemen.  I can’t wait to hear your new music!

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