Múmú Ci – Episode 1: The Milky Way Is About To Get Curdled!

Múmú Ci creator/producer Darin Steckler will be at the Edmonton Fringe Festival this weekend with Cayley Thomas (Múmú) handing out these great promo cards and making some new friends & fans of this stylish, new 2D animated YouTube series.

Múmú Ci’s target audience is young women ages 14-25, but we think that a lot of young men are going to enjoy it too!  If you enjoy shows like Californication, The X-Files, Sex and the City, True Blood, or Breaking Bad, or you’d get a kick out of attending Comic Con, than you should definitely give Múmú Ci a look on YouTube.

In Episode 1:

An extraterrestrial Egyptian surfer girl holds the key to unlocking the truth about Earth’s fabricated history and returns with her BFF to raise hell, buy shoes and shatter ancient myths!

The scene takes place at an emergency G8 summit meeting regarding the European debt crisis.  It is the night before the meeting and it’s a rainy evening in Central London. Two British tabloid reporters have bugged The Minister’s hotel room. These two reporters are sitting in a van outside of The Minister’s hotel and they are about to get an unexpected earful.

Please note that Múmú Ci is rated R for pervasive irreverence and the girls say fuck a lot.

Climb aboard people, this is going to be a wild ride!

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