“William & Kate”: A Song Written for Prince William and Kate Middleton

“William & Kate” is a sweet and whimsical song written for Prince William and Kate Middleton.

The first inspiration for “William and Kate” came from a little melody line and guitar phrase that Roadmap Music songwriter Norm Strauss was trying to build on. He eventually played it for fellow Roadmap Music songwriter Andrew Smith. The two songwriters started collaborating on the song and soon had what they felt was the perfect musical framework for telling a charming, if not fanciful, version of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s now very public relationship. Having heard Canadian artist Ann Vriend play at a music conference a few weeks earlier, they felt they had found the right voice to capture the emotion so they invited her to the studio to help form the recording of the song. The song is sort of what someone might imagine William and Kate to be like. Meeting at their favorite café in Kensington, watching classic movies late at night, the whole while being followed by the ever present paparazzi. It’s a bit of a fairy tale romance. A bit of escapism for a nation that could use a good smile now and then.

“William and Kate” by Norm Strauss, Andrew Smith & Ann Vriend

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  1. Marilyn says:

    Love this song! Would you mind if I featured it on my Kate Middleton blog?

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