Introducing Crossbac: Toronto’s Exciting New R&B/Soul/Pop-Rock Band

You haven’t heard of Crossbac, you say? Well, pay attention then because you’re going to be hearing a lot more about this exciting new R&B/Soul/Pop-Rock band from Toronto, Ontario, as Scully Love Promo is very proud to welcome them to its client roster.

If you enjoy the music of John Mayer, Maroon 5, Train, Matchbox Twenty, Jason Mraz, Jamiroquai or The Philosopher Kings, you’re going to love the groovy, soulful sounds of CROSSBAC!


With the release of their debut CD, River Seven, Toronto-based band CROSSBAC announce their arrival on the Canadian Music scene in compelling fashion, fusing R&B, rock and world music. This is an accessible and highly accomplished record that would fit alongside the likes of John Mayer, Train and Maroon 5.

Together Michael Bongertman (vocal/guitar), Peter Anzelmo (bass), and Tony Carpino (drums) create a fresh new sound that speaks to a wide spectrum of musical tastes.

The band has spent the last year writing, recording and performing throughout Ontario. Crossbac may be considered an emerging artist, however, the talented trio are seasoned players and their experience is clearly evident.

Their first single “Baby I’m Alive” has enjoyed national radio play and their music, produced by the renowned studio veteran, Terry Brown, is available on iTunes and CDBaby.


Michael Bongertman started playing guitar at the young age of ten. In his mid to late teens, he began playing at various clubs in the GTA (General Toronto Area) with a band called Riverside Royal. He was also guest guitarist in various R&B and gospel bands and studied at the Royal Conservatory, Humber College and Mohawk College where he had the privilege of studying with accomplished jazz guitarist Joey Goldstein. Soon after school, Mike decided to tour as a full-time musician with Shania Twin, a tribute act with which he traveled extensively throughout Canada and the U.S. He also worked with other tribute acts through the Booking House Agency based in Toronto.

Mike went on to record with indie band Supervox, managed and produced by famed Lighthouse drummer/producer Skip Prokop. He also co-produced and recorded Donna Huber’s debut album “Bring it On” and has had various TV appearances as a musician/performer. Credits include the Jenny Jones Show, Enquirer TV and the documentary “Mock Stars” on the Showcase Network. He has also worked on various film and television sets as special talent.

Mike has taught guitar at the Twelfth Fret, performed with various Toronto bands Atomic Clock and Skip Tracer and country recording artist Meagan Morrison of Royalty Records. In 2006 he recorded his first self-titled promotional demo of original music. He is currently the lead singer and guitarist for Toronto based band, Crossbac, whose debut album “River Seven” was produced by Terry Brown of Rush fame.


Tony Carpino started playing drums at the age of 5, inspired by such bands as Led Zeppelin and Van Halen. By his mid-teens Tony started out on the music scene with a Led Zeppelin tribute band, Gallows Pole. After a few years of playing around the greater Toronto area, Tony moved on to original music, joining a pop-rock outfit by the name of I AM. It was with I AM that Tony began to work with music greats such as producer Terry Brown (Rush, Blue Rodeo), producer Paul Milner (Keith Richards, Eddie Grant), and musicians such as Ken Greer (Tom Cochrane & Red Rider) and Lorne Feld (Glass Tiger, Zappacosta).

Throughout the years, Tony has been a part of many recorded and live projects, at times being a member of 7 bands at once. One of those outfits was Supervox, and it was there where he met and began his musical relationship with Crossbac front man, Mike Bongertman.

He is well known for his solid timekeeping and simple and powerful grooves in studio/recorded situations, but is notorious for his incredible raw energy during live performances.


Pete Anzelmo has being playing music since the age of 8. Pete’s passion for music started with the accordion however, after a trip to Europe at the age of 12, the accordion gave way to piano and keys which Pete continued to play throughout high school. A high school synthesizer music program awakened a new enthusiasm for electronics but there was always a fascination lurking with that 4 string electric in the corner. While enrolled in that music program, Pete learned to play the bass, joined the jazz band and went to school to study electronics.

Pete met Mike at a local supermarket where they worked part time during high school. Jamming ensued and Pete was blown away by the tall, blonde, Dutch kid who played Steely Dan, Jimmy Ray, Hendrix and Van Halen. Years later Mike went to California and returned with an offer to put together an album. After a jam session with Tony, an instant chemistry developed and the foundation for River Seven was set.

Pete lives in Toronto, Canada with his wife and kids and is also married to music and technology.










February 25, 2009 – Crossbac performs live on CityTV’s Breakfast Television. Here’s “Something’s Gotta Give” and “Baby I’m Alive”.

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