Acoustic Duo Cherry Suede – Up Close And Personal!

Randy Scott & Randy Young of Cherry Suede
Last week, I was pretty active on Twitter and I came across an Ottawa music duo called Cherry Suede. I love the name and I really like their sound too! Twitter, being what it is, immediately connected me to Randy Young (one half of the Suede) who told me about their new live acoustic web series, Up Close and Personal. We both agreed that it should be of significant interest to local musicians who may be looking for a potential tour stop in the Nation’s Capital!

Our channel is about 3 weeks old – we are #8 most subscribed in Canada this month and continuing to grow steadily. We feature the feed on – and we will include interview footage – stories behind the songs. ~ Randy Young

What I really appreciate about Cherry Suede is the fact that they are two guys who are not only accomplished musicians and singer-songwriters (“If Keith Urban and Bon Jovi had a baby – it’d be Cherry Suede”), but who are also true blue music fans, and that I can relate to! When I asked Randy Young if they were going to invite acoustic artists to perform on their web series, he replied, “We are indeed inviting artists – the format will include casual interviews – stories behind the songs and we (Cherry Suede) will play on our guests’ songs and vice versa.” This is something that I won’t miss checking out!

So, what I want to know is how many people that I know in Kingston would be interested in attending a Cherry Suede show if I host one here? Email me at!

Here’s more from Cherry Suede in their own words on their new, exciting and innovative online music series!


The concept of audience – artist interaction is certainly not new. For years, Bruce Springsteen has been pulling hand written signs out of his audience to play song requests. Pete Townshend went so far as to film shows as an experiment in artist-audience feedback during The Who’s songwriting and recording process in his abandoned “Lifehouse” project. But at no other time in history, has it been possible for any independent band or artist to broadcast live and interact with their audience on both a local and global scale.

Cherry Suede: Up Close and Personal is a new live acoustic event and web series that aims to bridge the audience – artist gap, on both a local and global level. You can see the band and special guests rework their songs, and select cover songs into intimate acoustic performances – both in person and online at So far, in it’s first month, the YouTube channel for the series is one of the top ten most subscribed in Canada for musicians.

Typically, artists perform in front of a live audience, or more recently, post a song online and after an initial response (applause or a series of online comments) the interaction fades – and both the artist and audience move on. Cherry Suede: Up Close and Personal goes far beyond that point. The band and the guests tell stories about their music and music they love, songwriting experiences and memories. Requests are taken at the show and from various online social networks. Select performances are recorded, filmed and made available quickly after the event for free higher quality online viewing and sharing – and soon the shows will be streamed live. The goal is to perform multiple songs and multiple versions of songs that are adapted to reflect the personalities of the audience, guests and the mood of the night.

Randy Young says, “no matter what technology or fancy new tool comes our way, it’s always been and always will be about making great music and connecting with people. There’s a precious and undeniable relationship between an artist, a song and an audience – and nowadays this audience can be right in front of you – or halfway across the world.” Randy Scott continues, “Make no mistake. There’s no substitute for being there. But technology now allows us to involve our global audience in our local shows – that’s an amazing thing. Add this to the fact that we’ve made this an acoustic project, simply allows us the freedom to focus on the intimacy of any given moment or inspiration.”

Although the first Cherry Suede: Up Close and Personal live series has started in their hometown of Ottawa, – every Wednesday night at 9 pm EST – the band will be taking this show on the road in 2011.

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