My Vision For Scully Love Promo And My Clients

My vision for Scully Love Promo is to spread the love about talented, creative people (mainly authors & musicians because I love books & music) who contribute to the world through the beauty of their work. My integrity and the integrity of my clients’ work is of utmost importance and I want to help them to realize their goals and dreams as a way of giving back a little in thanks. I’ve always heard that if you love what you do you’ll never work a day in your life and I truly love working with social media to help my exceptional clients share their gifts.

The focus of Scully Love Promo began almost 3 years ago with the promotion of first class authors & musicians. I use the Internet to increase my clients’ publicity, focus on their talents & recent releases, and to expand their fan base using major social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace.

I create and maintain social media profiles on the leading social networking sites as well as teach people about social media etiquette and how to manage their social media marketing campaign. I also work for them as their Social Media Manager.

I know the lingo, I know the etiquette, and I know that traditional advertising methods such as the Yellow Pages, newspapers and magazines are all but dead. The publishing industry has undergone a massive shift and downsizing since the dawning of the Facebook era. Now is the time for you and your business to get on board with the 21st century’s most powerful advertising techniquesocial media – and to let a professional Social Media Manager take care of your business while you do your job and reap all of the possible benefits that are coming to you!

I’m not just a blogger! I provide social media support on a monthly basis if required and offer consulting services through which I teach you how to use Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube and LinkedIn effectively for a one-time fee. I’ve created dozens of Facebook fan pages for authors, musicians, and local businesses, and have taught their owners how to manage them and how to make them successful (whether they listened to me or implemented my suggestions is another matter).

In fact, I am a great personal assistant too! Among other things, I assist my clients with:

• Processing SOCAN Notice of Life Music Performance submissions
• Website updates, web design, professional MySpace profiles & Facebook banners
• Editing and proofreading manuscripts & publishing on demand
• Poster & CD mailouts
• Creation and maintenance of mailing lists/newsletters
• Blogging
• Local book signings
• Research regarding book/writing competitions
• Arranging interviews on authors’ and book reviewers’ blogs
• Securing of ISBN & CIP numbers

These are some of the wonderful people whom I have had the privilege of working with:

Anna Pasternak (chick lit author)
Ann Vriend (indie folk/pop singer-songwriter & musician)
Emily Maguire (indie folk/pop singer-songwriter & musician)
Camille Blue Amy (children’s book author)
Ana Polnerova (Tantric sex ebook author)
Craig Mcintyre (indie rock/soul singer-songwriter & musician)
Kelli Trottier (indie folk/country/pop singer-songwriter & musician and member of fiddle supergroup Bowfire)
JJ Voss (indie country/rock singer-songwriter & musician)
Rick Flanagan (musician, sax player)
Cheryl Hiebert (soon-to-be author of the upcoming book Losing Willow: Grieving The Loss of an Animal Companion)
Mark Dignam (indie folk/rock singer-songwriter & musician)
Philip Palmer (indie alternative rock singer-songwriter & musician with Port City Blues)
Glenna Green (indie jazz/lounge singer-songwriter & musician and soon-to-be children’s book author)
Brian Howald (historical fiction author)

I have also assisted local businesses with their social media on Facebook including:

Bottle Tree Productions
Main Street Market
Limestone Community Acupuncture Clinic
Purple Door Metaphysical Books & Gifts

It is my hope that you will keep me in mind if and when things take off and you find you’re too busy to see to online promo yourself. Please recommend me to your colleagues and friends and don’t forget to invite your friends to check out the artists’ pages that you like on Facebook!

May we all be so fortunate as to love what we do!


  1. Stacy says:

    Christine is amazing with her clients. I have been lucky to share clients with her and they say the nicest things about her!

    Furthermore, she is passionate about sharing the arts and her clientele is a reflection of that.

  2. Marie Chelle says:

    Nice Information.. Thx for sharing this

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