ESPete™ Sixth Grade Sense by Arnold Rudnick

Book Review
Title: ESPete™ Sixth Grade Sense
Author: Arnold Rudnick
Publisher: Paraphrase, LLC
Released: 2008
Pages: 106
ISBN-10: 0981587909
ISBN-13: 978-0981587905
Stars: 4.0

ESPete™: Sixth Grade Sense by Arnold Rudnick is a wonderful, highly entertaining read for preteens and ESPecially for 6th Graders!

It’s the story of sixth grader Peter Powell, nicknamed E.S. Pete, who just happens to have extra sensory perception as well as a serious crush on the prettiest girl in his class – the brunette, pony-tailed Casey. Pete’s being bullied by an insecure boy named Rodney, is fending off a school counselor who wants to test his psychic abilities, and believes that the substitute teacher, Frank Stein, is planning to rob a bank. So Pete and his friends have to figure out a way to stop him or to get the grown-ups to believe that Pete’s precognition about Stein is correct. Of course, reading the minds of his teachers isn’t always a good thing!

“Anyway, being psychic isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Like, when I broke the lamp in my parent’s bedroom. I knew I was going to be grounded for two weeks. Did that help me get out of it? Noooo! Another problem with reading minds is that it’s not an exact science. I mean, I usually know what you’re thinking at the moment, but that doesn’t mean you won’t change your mind. Or, that you’re not wrong…

I guess there are some good things about having ESP, though, especially in middle school. It’s a tough time, trying to figure out what the world expects of you and what you expect of the world.”

A strong plot, likeable characters, and relatable subject matter makes this children’s book stand out in the crowd and ESPete’s adventure will keep you guessing about the outcome until the final pages. But will the question on your mind be “Is Stein really going to try to rob a bank?” or “Will Casey go to the school dance with Pete?”

Author Arnold Rudnick (who has also written for many popular television shows) has captured the voice of an 11-year-old perfectly and writes with humour in a way that will appeal to all ages. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this mystery as it made me smile many times throughout its pages. Not only does ESPete™: Sixth Grade Sense offer a delightful read for tweens as well as those who are young at heart, but it also deals with the issues of attraction to the opposite sex, dealing with bullies, developing our critical thinking and investigative skills, and how to recognize and be confident in our own special abilities.

ESPete™: Sixth Grade Sense (the Perils of a Paranormal Preteen) won a Silver Medal in the Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards and is the first book in this bright, witty series, followed by ESPete™: Psychic Hoop Dreams. Order these books at as they will make an exceptional addition to your preteen’s home library!

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