Ann Vriend News: The 2 Letter Short Form Mystery & Poland


Leaving the muggy and hot Big Smoke and Centre of the Universe this evening on the way to Europe; as I have the privilege of performing at the International Leonard Cohen Festival in Krakow, Poland this coming weekend.

It will be my first time in Poland and I am very much looking forward to it. I know zero words in Polish so this should be an interesting week indeed!

Details for the festival can be found at the link below.

Thanks also to all the people we’ve been hanging out with all week in Ontario for making this such a fun trip! In fact it has been so fun that my worst problem all week has been finding time to sleep b/w jams, parties, gigs, hangs, hot tubs, and house concerts. If that is your worse problem all week then life is pretty good, right? (well, another problem is that I literally have over 75 mosquito bites from the wedding I attended this weekend, but I’ll probably survive).

BC and AB

If BC stands for “Before Christ”, what does “AB” stand for I wonder?
While contemplating this question I will also type out the dates I will be performing in these 2 provinces over the next 2 months. Full details for each of these shows can be found at the link below.

Duncan, BC, Aug 12
Crofton, BC, Aug 13
Vancouver, BC, Aug 14
Revelstoke, BC, Aug 17
Kelowna, BC, Aug 18
Log cabin festival outside of Stony Plain, AB, Aug 29
High River, AB, Sept 24
Beaver Mines (Crowsness Pass), AB, Sept 25

DC (Washington)

And if that isn’t a mind boggling enough question, what does DC stand for? (Da Capital?)

Well, regardless, the 3rd weekend of Sept I get to perform there, Sept 17 – 19, and will have full details posted about that soon!


ON stands for “on”, but with more vigor.

I will be touring in that province for the month of October, and will have full details posted soon about that, too.


DE stands for Germany, naturally.

That is where I will be touring in November, including some double bills with my long time cohort Mr. Matt Epp (a.k.a. Agent Beard).

We will be posting the full tour details within the week on this one!

New MySpace, AU

My Australian booking agency has taken it upon themselves to re-do the look of my MySpace page, including using the photo taken for the front cover of The Australian (national newspaper) last March when I was touring there. You can check it out via the link below.

Looks like the 2011 Aus tour will take place Feb – April 2011, and this time with my bassist. Can’t wait! Hope your Winter is going well, mates!
(by the way, AU stands for one of the many vowels in the Aussie pronunciation of the word “no”).

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