Press +1: Empowering Canadian Audiences (says Telefilm Canada)

The following article is taken from Telefilm Canada’s website at:

Press+1: Empowering Canadian Audiences

With over ten years experience, Kindah Mardam Bey is a passionate industry insider who, since July of 2009, has been actively promoting the Canadian film industry online.

Dedicating a space in her online magazine, Press+1, entirely to Canadian film, Mardam Bey has sought to answer the age old question in the Canadian film industry – how to engage Canadian audiences.

With an array of multimedia content, Mardam Bey and her team of editors and journalists across Canada and beyond work to inform Canadians of their own productions. Because ‘(knowledge) is power’, then, the theory goes, the more audiences know about Canadian cinema, the more they will be engaged in its products.

Sure, Hollywood makes its appearance on Press+1, however Mardam Bey has carved out and preserved room for Canada.

Original content, press releases, trailers, photo galleries, and more including, perhaps most powerful bit of knowledge to have, the local listings, are all dedicated specifically to Canadian productions.

Furthermore, Mardam Bey has created an online community, P+1. There member readers, complete with their own profile, can blog, post and share pictures, videos and comments, start or join discussions, participate in groups, and interact directly with all of Press +1 writers and editors.

Press+1 also puts established social networks to use, using Facebook and YouTube to communicate with and attract readers.

Using the online tools available at her fingertips, Mardam Bey is certainly spreading the power around.

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