News From Ann Vriend: Ontario, Poland, BC, and Shumka

Ottawa, Toronto, Collingwood

As of Thursday I’ll be away from home for a month, beginning with a week in my mother’s home turf of Ontario. Have a good friend getting married so decided to play a few shows with friends while I’m out there. The public ones are:

Ottawa Thursday, July 22 Venue: Fat Tuesdays Address: 62 York Street, Ottawa, ON Time: 8:30 pm Description: Duo with drummer Pat Phillips, 2 sets Top Secret Insider Info: see the attached evite above.

Toronto Thursday, July 29 Venue: The Central, Address: 603 Markham Street (the Annex), Toronto, ON Time: 9 pm Description: Triple bill with Dave Borins (Toronto) and Ian Foster (Newfoundland). AV on first at 9 pm. Some musical collaboration and duets may happen as the nite wears on…

Collingwood Friday, July 30 Venue: House Concert Address: contact Sue at Time: TBA– early evening sometime Description: double bill with Dave Borins,, both artists accompanied by drummer Pat Phillips. For details (ie: address, start time, etc) contact Sue at AV’s first time in Collingwood!

AND: myself and my drummer both unexpectedly have the nite off in the Ottawa area this Friday nite– when does THAT ever happen? we would LOVE LOVE LOVE to play a house concert or party or back yard BBQ in the greater Ottawa/Gatineau region so, mes amis, si vous avez une maison qui veut la musique….? (et les gens…) m’a dit! Let me know!


Then (naturally) I head to Poland, where I am playing at a Leonard Cohen Festival August 6 – 8. (Details via the link below). First time ever in Poland. 5th time in 3 continents playing at a Cohen festival– doubt I’ll ever get the chance to meet the man (tho he’s on my top 5 list of people who would probably be a very cool person to have a conversation with).

Thanks to all the Cohenites for inviting me back again!


Yep, after Poland I head West to British Columbia, Canada, to do some shows out in my birthplace province with my bassist James, and say hello to the Pacific Ocean while it’s at its warmest on Canadian soil (which is still not very warm, but still beautiful).

The shows are listed via the link below– check back again in a week or 2, as some of them are still shifting around, BC – style 😉

After the shows by the ocean I go to the interior of BC to play a concert in Kelowna with a trio I met in Australia, and then head up to Mabel Lake for a family holiday (no electricity, running water, or internet– just the family, lake, and mosquitoes…), and then back to civilization at the end of August (assuming my family doesn’t count as civilization– debatable, esp after a few days of non showering and a few drinks…)


The Shumka Dancers choreographed and performed my song “Take My Hand” with me this past November at the Jubilee Auditorium in Edmonton, at their annual gala. There is finally a clip posted, featuring Jeff Mortenson from Cirque Du Soleil. Click below and scroll down to the video “Take My Hand”, Ann Vriend.

I hope to get my hands on a copy of the whole song soon!

Album Update

As of Sunday I finished the tracking of my next studio album. I hope to have copies available by sometime in September. I feel very proud of this one and am very excited to have you all hear it. Stay tuned! I’ll be playing songs from it at my upcoming shows.

Thanks again for your support,

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