Vote For Kelli Trottier In The Lilith Fair Artist Competition!

Photo of Kelli by Charles Ede


Kingston’s own musical triple threat: fiddler, singer & step dancer Kelli Trottier has entered the Lilith Fair Competition and would greatly appreciate your support if you have time to submit your vote!!!

You can go to

Or if you’re on Facebook:

Step 1: Go to this website

(yes, sorry, you need to use the Facebook application for it to work properly)

Step 2: Select TORONTO

Step 3: you will then see labels saying “JUDGE”, “STANDINGS”, “ARTISTS”

a) Go to Artist
b) Select Kelli Trottier’s name
c) Choose her as your favorite!!

Step 4: Select “JUDGE”, you will see a list of 4 artists (this may or may not include Kelli)

* You WILL have to actually vote for these people. You must play each song for 15 seconds and then place it in which ever order you’d like and then “SUBMIT VOTE”.

*There will be 4 new artists to judge for a new round.

* There may be a few rounds until you see Kelli’s song/picture. But since you have made her a “favorite” this guarantees her name will be in the first few rounds for you.

*Once you DO see her, place her at the top and then “SUBMIT VOTE”.

You can do this once a day, and yes, DO pass this invitation on to everyone and anyone you know!

Just a note: It requires that you listen to 15 seconds of each song before you can go onto the next, but it only takes about five minutes over all. They want everyone to have a fighting chance.

Let the voting begin!

Photo by Charles Ede

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